Monday, November 19, 2012

Basketball Tryouts - Video

Brooks made us aware of a new "love" in the summer. His "favourite sport" This is funny to us, as neither Brian nor I are into it...we never watch it on tv, or talk about it. We do not own a basketball of any type, not even a baby plushie one...and naturally then, we have no nets. Yet, for some reason, the kid just adores it...again, a little weird, since even knowing of his interest, we still have yet to watch a game...or purchase a basketball. So who knows why he likes it?! Strange. Anyway, I heard of a church league up the road from us, offering basketball this winter (Upward Sports) - so I signed the boy up.

The season does not start until January, however, there are mandatory "tryouts" (skills evaluations) for every player. Brooks was thrilled about this news. I was a little skeptical - lack of a basketball in the house topped my list of worries. How good can you be when you've never tried to shoot a basket? Or whatever it's called - I don't even know! Tonight he did his evaluation, and I thought was surprisingly adept, considering factors of age (5) and lack of instruction and equipment (Christmas gifts, coming up!).

They asked me upon check in, if I would be willing to coach, or referee. I probably looked shocked at the question as I said "That would probably be a huge mistake. I don't even know the rules!"

Driving home he said, "I was pretty impressed with myself. I'm really good!" HAHA!! The child has an unprecedented sense of self-worth:-) Then he said, "I hope when I'm challenged with the other 6 players I can still be as good". Back down to earth:-) And I think he meant other 5 players? That shows how much we've prepared the boy:-/

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  1. well his Uncle Mark is proud of his choice of sport:-)

    and funny how they have to like sports that their parents don't. Mattea is obsessed with soccer and its the one sport that Mark never played!

    Lucky for him she also like I think as she gets older he is going to try to sway her:-)