Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unique Art

This post is a shameless plug...a commercial of sorts...for my MOM. Cause she deserves it! And also because I am in love with this idea, it's just perfect! My Mom has the talent/inspiration, the eye, and the software to make some really neat, unique, personalized art. This makes a spectacular gift for the hard-to-buy for.
Take a look! Pricing at the bottom of the post!

Birthday Art. Your choice of background colour and design. Highlight a few of the dates, your choice which ones, and in what order they appear. In this case, it is a family, and the parents birthdays are highlighted. Available in sizes 4x6 through 11x14

Another different colour choice. This one is for my lovely sister Lauryn. The highlighted date is their anniversary. This art looks so cool in every colour and design I have seen!

Another cool personalized item for the hard to buy for family member or friend: For the world traveller - countries, major cities, important sites visited. For Grandparents of a big brood - all the names of the grandchildren or great grandchildren. For couples - all the places you've lived (street names, cities, areas). The ideas here are pretty much endless! You will have a choice of a few fonts, and will submit all the words you want included. Each one will be very different and unique. Below is not "for" anyone. I just sent my mom random words for different places in New York State that I remembered off the top of my head so she could do a "places" mock up. Love it!
Available in sizes 4x6 through 11x14. Either portrait or landscape orientation (your choice). Background colours suggestion either solid black or brown, but again your choice if you prefer something different. If you do not specify, it will be black & white

Email Rebecca Kennedy at and check out her site too. Each design comes with very personal attention. You will be sent a proof to be sure that the colours & fonts are what you desire, and that all the dates are correct. After approving the proof...

A print, mailed to you: does not include frame.
4x6: 20.00
5x7: 25.00
8x10: 30.00
11x14: 40.00
Larger/different sizes, photo panels and canvas are also available. Please ask for a specific size and pricing. Additional shipping charges may apply. For long distance or international orders a digital copy of the print can be emailed to you: File size will be rather large, so that the picture will print with supreme quality. You will need to have this printed at your local photo development place.

I love this stuff, its so pretty, and for the "memory preserving freak" like me, its the perfect gift (to give or GET, hint hint Mom:-). Also, if you know me you can ask me to see something else she makes that I LOVE, but we can't advertise it yet due to licensing issues. You'll be glad you asked, promise!!

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  1. Hey Dar! I definitely want to do this as a "first anniversary" gift for Jake... of course, that will not roll around for awhile ;) Got a year to go! LOL! Just curious if your mom is thinking of offering these for a long period of time or if this is limited time only. Thanks!!