Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas is coming...

Time to put away all the craft stuff and get ready for turkey!! This is the adorable centerpiece I made for the table this year...inspired/copied from my friend Sarah. I love how it turned out...soooo cute!!

"Give Thanks"
Also been working on some Christmas stuff!!
A sneak peak at our cards this year. I need to fill this basket..lots more work!
Some cool "wrappings" I've made so far...
what a minty cool tin!

Ahhh, wouldn't you love to know whats in this? For my sister in law:-)

DVD tin, inside shot...

DVD tin...the outside. For one of my brothers, Kaden. I bet he's curious now, right?

Oh, the bottom of the peppermint tin. Using paper, Creative Memories circle cutting system, and sticky strip, I covered over all the original info

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