Monday, November 14, 2011

Catch Up

Seems like awhile since I've posted! Well, anything about the kids anyway. We've been really busy the past few weeks! This post will be pretty eclectic, most likely.
The kids have discovered the toy magazines that come out for Christmas. Sonny is taking his turn drooling over potential gifts:-)

Ardyn is getting bigger (and more vocal about life) by the day!

If you give Grey 6 candy corns for snack, he won't eat them one at a time.

Yesterday was the awards day in soccer, although not the last day, since we have a rain out game to cover next week. So more about soccer later!
We found renters for our house, so we have 1 week to finish our "chores" there...mainly the floors. We've also decided to protect/prime/paint the exterior of the home too, as the siding has never been painted before (kinda weird). It's in great shape, but could really use that protection. Brian has always been partial to the smoky-navy-blue kind of colour, with white trim. He wants to do our home like this eventually, and so will test out his colour palette on the rental. Exterior painting depends largely on the weather, but since its all outside, we don't mind finishing that up after they've moved in, if necessary.

American Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching! Yet another year has gone by without Brian taking vacation time...and since he's not allowed to take vacation around Christmas time with the position he's in (fiscal and physical year end), he's taking the week after Thanksgiving off to do work...on OUR house only! I need my bathroom painted, and accessories hung, and he has plans for our eaves and stuff. Dunno. It will be nice to have some Daddy time here, with the added bonus of finishing up our projects, instead of always finishing up other peoples:-) We are busy planning menu's, gifts, crafts, etc.

In other (silly) news. We got new cell phones! We actually made the switch from Verizon to nTelos. We have been debating this for awhile, and finally took the time to do it. I'll make a separate post about that for any local/US people interested in saving a bit of money!

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