Monday, November 21, 2011

Rental House Updates

We have renters! Before they moved in, we had a few chores to do...
We refinished the floors. They look like glass now!

Kids helping, by staying out of the way (and napping)

The driveway is very long (holds 5 to 6 cars single file!)...the backyard fence was not connected. You can kind of see in this pic where the chain link fence stopped at the concrete of the drive. So Brian decided to fence off some of the driveway, so you could park behind the fence if you want. Here are the new posts, setting up in concrete.

movie time on the portable dvd player. They were really bored, poor things. We had some interior work to do, like install smoke detectors and a bathroom towel rack, and paint the pantry closet.

We began priming! The house is 90% primed. The house has never been painted before, that grey colour is the colour of the asbestos siding naturally. HAH. It's an older house. It won't hurt you unless you take it off, no worries:-)

The fence is up...the gate is not yet finished. Renters have a small dog, so the fence had to be up by their arrival on Sunday. This coming week over the holidays Brian will make it swing so you can drive through it.

Painted!! One coat of Sherwin Williams Regatta. Brian picked this out on his own...when we do our house, I will have some input...I want a "smokier", navy kind of tone to it for our home, but this actually does look really great on this little house. It will be a bit darker too, once the 2nd coat goes on next week. Brian has an obsession/fascination with blue houses, haha. I tend toward the more neutral tones as my fave.
Lest you think its Probably only about 15% of the house has the 1st coat of the final colour

Gotta do that little overhang part! It's getting there, right?
All the interior stuff is done, so it's just finishing the paint and fence we hopefully won't bother our new renters, who moved in on Sunday! All the neighbours were coming out and complimenting us on the nice colour. It really does pop with the white!

Work work work!


  1. I just love that house so much!! so adorable! I really like the color choices too :)

  2. Tell Brian I love the blue! looking good, guys:)

  3. Darla it looks great! Good job guys, such a cute little house :D

  4. Brian really knows how to pick a color. Lookin' GREAT

  5. I love the royal blue and white colors on that little house! And I sooo did the same thing when doing a painting marathon on my grandparent's house before they move in--kids in empty, baby-gated room with portable DVD player. =)