Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend we visited a family from our church very briefly...Brian was actually looking at some leaky windows for them. They live pretty much in North Carolina, so we all went along for the drive. Anyway, they have a few goats, chickens, and a horse! Kenna marched straight up to the horse, stuck out her hand and touched it's nose. I was in complete shock that she didn't have an ounce of fear about how big the thing was compared to her.

The horse's owner (a young teen) offered to give her a ride. "Sure. Just hold my sings". She always totes around lots of 'sings'. This day it was her 'statue' (an Ironman figurine from a happy meal) and tiny baby blanket. So I held her things and she got up on the horse, held on to the saddle and away they went! She didn't mind at all that it was a bit bumpy. She was even only holding on with one hand at times, until I told her to use both. I wish I'd had my camera. I said "You're very good at riding" and she said "Yes, I love horses!" So there you go! She kept trying to feed the horse hay, which it wasn't interested in, but she was coaxing it along.

Brooks was a little timid, he eventually would pat the horse, but not on the face, and he didn't want me to set him up on it. So she had a very fun day and learned we have a little horse lover on our hands. Another wonderful note is that our water heater is now replaced and working better than ever.

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