Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids Room

There have been some changes in the kids room, since all the renovations...

Brooks playing hide and seek while we make his bed. We had some kids over this weekend and all the toys got pretty much trashed, so we put it all back together today.

This is Kenna's new bed. Brian found this like-new futon at a garage sale for $35. It matches perfectly! We were going to use it in the den (his original thought) but based on the colour, we just had to put it in there. They love to read books on it, like it's their little couch.

When it's a bed. Getting ready to put sheets on, it's not quite a double...more like a very wide twin, but it's perfect for her. I have to use queen sheets on it until I find some doubles that match.

Brooks is in a big boy bed now. He has a weird thing about getting out. He seems to be under the impression that he can get out of bed without getting a chastisement, as long as he stays in the room (not true!). He gets out of bed, and comes to the doorway, but won't come out.

Toys all put away.

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