Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Pumpkin, Our Friend

We got a pumpkin on Sunday. They both are loving it, but Kenna seems to have a special bond with it. Yesterday while playing with it (mauling it), it rolled down the front steps, and the stem broke off. I was surprised it didn't smash. "Maybe Daddy can fix it", she says as more of a statement than a question...I don't think so, it's just broken. Now she cannot stop apologizing to the poor poor thing. Today, upon our return from the store she hugged it. Oh how we must bring him inside! He's so so so cold! She promptly got her blanket for her new orange friend and while rubbing him declared he is a very good baby.

I got the camera and asked if she'd like a picture with her pumpkin. She draped herself over it with a big hug. Oh my. She is one crazy little girl!

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