Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drawing a Bath

Our hot water heater died...the company is sending us a replacement unit, seems we may have purchased a dud (it's a tankless system, this is our 2nd issue with it). But until it arrives...we have no hot water. Yikes. I have found if I boil 4 pots of water (at the same time, obviously) and carry them one by one to the tub, and then dilute it with cold water, it's enough for a nice hot bath that lasts about 15-20 before getting warm/cold. I need one pot to do the dishes, and about 2 for the kids bath...I really feel like a maid in Avonlea or something (Road to Avonlea, from my childhood) actually drawing my bath. It's a lot of work, I now realize why people in the olden days didn't bathe often. If it were not up to societal norms I would just wait until it rained, personally. Haha, I suppose that would really only work in the country...I think my neighbours might have me commited:-) Brian hops in the shower for a very cold, very quick shower, but I just can't do it. So until it rains, boil I must. Life is never dull.

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