Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things Kenna Says

She'll be 21 months on Dec 15th. Here is a list of some of her famous sayings. R's, S's, L's and Y's seem to be no trouble at all for our little talker!

Show Mommy show? Yay! Show-ee! (when she wants to watch tv or a movie)
I get you Daddy (as she takes off running, it's her favourite 'chasing' game)
I no poopy Mommy (when she definitely IS:-)
Um um um um Mommy? (usually followed by a request of some sort)
Weeeeetherrrrrt (Sweetheart, a fave word in a fave song - Yankee Doodle)
Up hill, waterrrrrrrr, down, aa-terrrr (can you tell what song that is? She hits all the key points)
I did it Mommy, I did it (followed by clapping for herself)
Babble..haha, I funny guys, I funny, Babble babble (she is funny...we wish we knew what she was saying!)
Dat's silly Mommy
Hi girl or Hi boy or it's Baby (to other children in grocery carts at various stores. She can really tell the difference between girls and boys)
See ya laaaterrrr
Ringers (fingers)
ahm (arm)
Hold me Mommy, hold me (when she wants to be picked up)
Treat or snacky or juicy
I cared, or it's carey (when she is scared, either for real, or for fake)
C-yeen Up (clean up)
Jack's Big Music Show!!
I kickle you (tickles, of course)
shhhh, Booey leepin' (sleeping:-)
I loww you
It's yellow one Mommy? (she can tell yellow, blue and green apart, hit and miss on everything else. She knows Nat Nat's cup is green, hers is blue. Heaven forbid she ever drink from any green cup "no, it's Nat Nat's")
Teen, teen, teen, teen (when counting to twenty, everything over ten is just teen)
I sink so (she has a lot of deep thoughts, this girl)
I goose or hi goose (Daddy calls her his goose, sometimes when he comes home from work she turns the tables and says "hi goose" to him)
Foie Grah (I know, I know, it's really duck liver, but I think it sounds funny, and told her that was the word for Frog -sounds like Frog-rah a little bit- and that's what she says every time we see a Geico gekko on a billboard:-)
mehcine? (when she wants a vitamin from the cupboard)
mint? (when she wants a mint or gum)

She can pretty much say everything now, or tries to. She gets her point across, that's for sure! We have a lot of fun with her expanding vocabulary:-)

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