Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Crazy Life

Well, I know I really am due for an update here. The past week my simple (haha) life suddenly got a lot crazier! There are parties to attend, and parties to plan. I have Natalie a little more often because of the holiday work schedule. Brian's friend Ben (he was in our wedding) came to visit last Tuesday, and will be here until Dec 23rd. Also, that same day the Bolger's arrived from New York. Surprise! We had a few hours warning as it is a 9 hour drive:-) Actually, only Mom B and Meghan came, Dad B and Ann will probably come this coming weekend. And I think we will get Brooks dedicated on that Sunday, since they will all be here. We are also getting our family Christmas picture taken on Sunday. Yesterday I was able to get the tree set up. On Sunday we went to pick up the real tree, but decided to get a real wreath instead and stick with our fake-o one. I have it all done, mostly, I still have to select and hang the unbreakable ornaments near the bottom of the tree. Right now it's a little bare. This tree has a remote control for the lights, which Kenna loves to see come on "for no reason". She says "Wow! Tree Mommy Tree!!"

ok, it's getting bad...I MUST get it cleared off today. One of about 1000 goals in my day...I should take a pic of the rest of the house, so you see what I mean!!

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  1. haha, for example, see the laundry basket beside the organ. The clothes are piled practically to the top of the organ! Yet we still have clothes on our bodies...meaning we have too many clothes altogether I think.