Friday, December 21, 2007

And then there was LIGHT!

It has literally been around a year since we have had light in the den. We tore out the old fixture to replace it, and discovered nothing in that room was grounded...etc, etc, etc, you know how everything goes wrong. And when your husband works on building other peoples houses, sometimes your own gets put on the bottom of the list. Well as of tonight, we have 4 very bright pot lights all working! As well as 10 almost working ones in the livingroom! Hallelujah. It was a really big project, but I'm so glad it's almost done!

There is no more door connecting the den to the kitchen! This room was plagued with problems...main entry door from livingroom, door to kitchen, door to closet, door to outside and a built in bookshelf! By eliminating 1 door and the bookshelf, we have made the room much more practical, and now it could be considered a real bedroom, as it does not attach to the kitchen...but it still goes outside:-)

Our house was built in 1954 I think, and there has obviously been some you notice the ceiling is a bit bowed!

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