Saturday, May 3, 2014

Star Wars Cake

Brooks wanted a Star Wars cake - so this was the simple easy idea I came up with, it has the roman numeral for 7, since that is how Star Wars numbers their episodes, and it's says:

Have A Happy Birthday You Must - which is totally how Yoda would say it, according to Google
He wanted a vanilla cake with chocolate icing.
Crumb coated!
The recipe for the cake comes from my sister - a made from scratch vanilla cake. It's pretty good for a from-scratch cake. I have my scruples with from scratch cakes. Basically - I like light "fluffy" cakes, and Duncan Hines delivers each and every time. Homemade is usually denser. Sure enough, this one is more dense than DH...but, that being said, it IS still really a good cake. I wonder if I found something similar, recipe wise, but with oil instead of butter...maybe would be better? All of that is very personal preference though. For people that like a cake with a heavier feel (not as dense as pound cake), it's perfect! Check out the recipe here

I bought these toys to go on the cake, and now they can be played with:-)...the sabers light up!

And the icing - I tried a new recipe, and it's a total winner in my book. I will use it most often on cupcakes I think - the light chocolate taste will go well with a fudgy cake.

This recipe is light, fluffy - and made from Hershey bars and not cocoa powder! Can you say WINNING?! I think you will be very happy you tried this buttercream. Check it out here.

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