Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend! We had a lot of fun! Three day weekends are always a treat, although it was a busy one. Saturday had us doing baseball, a baby shower, and then deck layout at Dale & Lauren's (lots of stakes and strings!), and a little post hole digging.

On the way home from baseball on Sat, we drove past a yard sale in our neighbourhood. It looked like they had a few nice bikes for sale, so we stopped. A perfect bike for Kenna - a 21 speed in excellent condition - for $10. SOLD! Kenna got to ride the bike home all by herself, since we were driving:-) Needless to say, she's been loving it! I'm still on the lookout for "new" bikes for Brooks and Grey, I intend to use my Cookies/Cupcakes profits for extras like new bikes (all of theirs are too small for them). A few more yard sales and YAY, that would save me from buying new:-)

On Sunday, we had church, and then there was a church wide picnic afterwards. The weather was perfect, and we stayed until 3. Brian played a game of Ultimate Frisbee (a fave), he hasn't played in awhile, so that made his day. Then, he was given a few giftcards to the Outback restaurant from a subcontractor ('cause he always goes above and beyond:-), so we went there for dinner with friends, and then onto Rita's for dessert for gelato!

Monday was lawn-work, beach, dinner, BED!
Beach - kids with Chae
Getting buried by Mr T

When Dads care more about building castles than kids do...

Rita's! The favourite flavour of the day was Swedish Fish

Baseball - the season will be over next week!
Some flower garden work!

A good helper. His chosen outfit cracked me up

He worked really hard

Burn pile is doing good, Mom

After spraying weeds, hoeing, removing all the rocks, getting rid of a bush, putting down mulch, and replacing all the rocks. It looks really tidy now! The shrub we got rid of is on the end of the porch - because it was weird looking and half dead, and also - we'd like to put stairs on that end of the porch too - since our front walkway floods really bad. Currently, when it's raining, you have to walk on those flat stones to get over to the steps, by adding a second staircase, we won't have to people to walk through the garden anymore:-) Adding stairs is easier and cheaper than tearing up the concrete walkway, leveling out the yard, and replacing the walkway.

We planted some petunias in our mailbox garden - the strange (and dead) shrubby thing just had to go. At the base of the mailbox, we planted a dark burgundy plant in the front, and a climbing flowering vine on the back side.

The flowers on the climbing vine

Other side of front garden, coming up next! this is basically what the other side looked like before too! Amazing how much better it looks now! Thankful for a yard of free mulch from a landscaper friend, it's enough to do all our flower beds. On this side, I can plant some flowers...I can't really on the other side, since we have to walk through the garden when it rains (kids aren't super great about only stepping on stones)

We planted some tomato plants! I need to get the wire thingys so they can grow properly, but excited for our own vegetables!
Anyway,  a fun and busy weekend for all! We slept in on Monday morning until 8:30, and that made us feel like kings!

Kenna learned how to do something new on Monday. She had a few belly flop landings before she learned to tuck better and land properly:-) Here's a belly flop!

Here is Grey just being Grey

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  1. The flower beds looked 100% better when we were there and worked on things. Now they look 200% better! :)