Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Day

Brian had to work today, and we had baseball all morning. He got to have a surprise Thai food lunch (his fave) with a friend. I thought about taking the kids to the beach for a brief moment, but decided to invite all the families of the work out buddies over for dinner/ I stayed home to prepare for that:-)

I may have created a monster: I taught Kenna how to make homemade popsicles. Had to test out those results, of course:-)
A little walk around the yard, and so many pretty flowers!

My favourite flower in the world! A pretty red rose.
There was a duck sleeping on the lawn, near the lake - he let me get really close to him, and didn't even notice me. I went and got the kids and showed them, and Kenna said "wow, that is the closest I've ever seen you get to a bird!" Haha

Popsicle selfie
Workout buddies (Spartans in training:-) showed up at 6 with their families. We got to eat and talk and have fun...they got to do...stuff...with all this heavy equipment in the yard. It looked...exhausting
But it was a fun day. Lots of good memories and grateful for good friends!

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