Thursday, September 5, 2013

Star Wars

The kids have been increasingly interested in Star Wars, thanks to some friends and a themed birthday party, and an Angry Birds game. So I decided I'd watch them with far we've done 1, 2, 3, & 4. So we still have 2 left to go...thanks to Uncle Dale who owns them all! Here are a few hilarious quotes from their first Star Wars experience...

Kenna: None of the things in this movie even exist at all, except the people

Kenna: Mom, If Obiwan lets Darth Vader kill him, is that suicide, or just murder?

Kenna: This movie is like, hilarious! Luke is saving his sister and he doesn't even know what he's doing!
Brooks: Well, his step sister
Grey: No, his actual same one

Kenna: I wish Anakin could stay a boy, he was so cute

Brooks: Do you wish we had robots like that around here?

Kenna: Oh, they love Jesus, he said "May the Lord be with you"!
Mom: Force. He said "May the force be with you"
Brooks: What even is the force?

Brooks: Luke Skywalker looks just way differenter than I thought he would, I thought he'd look more like yellow bird
(Thank you Angry Birds, Star Wars edition)

Brooks: Are there any other super heroes we haven't seen yet?
Kenna: No, I think we know them all now, except Jabba the Hut, but he's a bad guy anyway, right?

insisting that I read the words at the beginning of the movie
Brooks: What are you even talking about?

Brooks: Why is the green guy so short?

Mom: What do you think of her hair?
Kenna: Impossible to do!

Brooks: Why would Anakin choose the bad side?

Brooks: I can tell every thing that are the bad like, stuff. That like, flat ship, you know, the flat one?...
Mom: the Death Star?
Brooks: No! No! The flat ship. It's a bad one. Dark Vader...
Mom: DarTH, it's DarTH Vader & DarTH Maul.
Brooks: I think it's Dark
Mom: It's not, it's Darth
Brooks: How do you know?
Mom: Because I have ears

Grey: Waving around a light sabre (aka a stick)...I'm Kin-obewan-kinobi!
Brooks: I'm the guy that drives the ship!
Mom: Hans Solo
Brooks: Yah, Can Solo! You know, I always bring these in the house but then he throws them, which is awkward...
Brooks: Hey! I just stole Dark Vader's sword!
Grey: Just frow it at my feet, and I'll be dead!

Brooks: If fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering, than what does suffering lead to?

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