Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Tooth!

About two weeks ago Brooks lost his first tooth. His dramatic first tooth losing story isn't too dramatic...for being Brooks, and being afraid of everything, including the pain of losing the tooth. His new tooth grew completely up behind the loose one, and he wouldn't let anyone touch it. He wouldn't even show us how wiggly it was or anything, so I ignored it. But the new tooth was really showing, and I knew it had to be hanging by a thread, and I cautioned him not to swallow it by accident.

At church, 2 Wednesdays ago, I picked him up from his class and his teacher told me of the drama. His tooth. It was bleeding a little and he was complaining about how much it hurt, so they ran water on it, and it seems to be fine now...

I rolled my eyes. Poor things, having to go to all those lengths for the dumb wussy kids tooth!

Right as the teacher finished the tale, I said "Let me see it" - "DON'T touch it", he said.

"I won't, I just need to look at it"

So he opened his mouth and with cat like reflexes, I jabbed my fingers in there and plucked out the tooth in an instant. He looked completely shocked, and so did his teacher!

"There. Didn't even hurt, did it?" He had to admit it did not, and there was not even a sniffle from him. When I took it out, I could tell it was basically not even attached anymore, and laying totally sideways.

So there's the story - of the tooth I pulled out when I promised I wouldn't touch, only look:-)

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