Thursday, September 12, 2013


Well, packing & unpacking is happening! Although no big furniture yet, just all stuff I can pack up and fit in the van:-)
Some things moved into the school room

We've got a table (it's from Ikea, it folds down), and a microwave cart thing in the kitchen

We have our oooold little tv in the school room, so the kids can watch a movie while we work. They are great helpers!

Closet in school room. Needs some organization, re-arranging, but everything is basically in there that needs to be. That is craft stuff:-)

Front closet! Ready to go with winter coats, spring jackets, and bins for their "stuff" - hats, etc

They love to play in the backyard!!

Unpacking boxes I've had in storage for yeeears. These magazines are from 99 -01. I was telling Brian I found my Macleans with Mario Lemieux on it, and he says "What is Macleans?" haha!! It's like a Canadian "Time". I only even used to buy ones that covered important world events.

The only "d├ęcor" over there so far!

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