Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two One Dollars!

This is how much money the "tooth fairy" gave Kenna for losing her first tooth on Saturday:-)

"I looked under my pillow and didn't see anything, and then I looked again to check and saw two one dollars!"

Great pay day. I think I used to get .50c :-)

We've been talking about all our losing teeth stories (of which Mommy has tons and Daddy has none;-), and now Kenna has one of her own...

It'd been hanging on by a thread on Friday, and on Sat, no doubt, we would have pulled it out, but first things Sat morning, somehow Grey hit Kenna in the face (I didn't see it, they said it was an accident), and knocked the tooth right out! So Grey has successfully punched out his first tooth I guess:-)

New tooth growing in

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