Friday, October 26, 2012

Trampoline Moves & Spiders - Video

All the kids (including Sonny) doing their "awesome moves" :-)
Brooks is afraid of spiders. Paralyzingly so. I don't think I've ever heard screams of sheer terror and panic like those the boy (aka: an emotional wreck:-) can produce. My goodness. Much to his chagrin, we have a HUGE spider making his home in our front bushes. He really is big, the pics don't do him justice. I'm not a big spider fan myself...
From the other side, he's eating his food


  1. Teegan has a paralyzing fears of spiders as well, so much so that if a book with hand illustrations is on the floor in his room, he won't go into it. If we're watching Survivor and they show a spider, he'll close his eyes. The fear has become a little more manageable as he's grown, but it's still there.

  2. So GROSS, that is why I have big brothers;)