Sunday, March 11, 2012


Brian joined a mens B League hockey team about a month ago. Today's game wasn't at 10pm, so we were able to go watch! It was really fun to go see the Warriors play! They were winning for most of the game, but ended up losing in the end. boo.
There he is!

He's right in the middle of the pic. It was hard to capture with movement and be non-blurry, even on the sports setting.

Brooks was allowed to play a game on a DS from another little boy there. Give him Mario Kart, and his interest in Daddy goes down to about nothing. :-/

Go Daddy Go! Grey loved climbing the bleachers and jumping off the bottom seat to the ground. He lands on his feet! He's a pretty athletic little guy.

A huuuuuge NY style pizza from Sals for dinner? Yes please! This baby is only 15.99 ($20 with toppings). It feeds us for about a week! I'm munching on a massive slice while I post this:-)

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