Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eggs-periment & St Patty

Something else we did last week for our Observation book (science), was also an idea found on pinterest, right here. Naked eggs. Did you know you can essentially "burn" the shell right off an egg using vinegar? Check out the link, it was really neat. We learned about osmosis and also that the acid in vinegar dissolves the calcium shell of the egg. It was really fun!!
Here's one of our Naked Eggs. The shell disappears but the membrane remains, and is see-thru, so you can watch the yolk float around in there. It feels like a water balloon, the kids thought.

After "bouncing" a Naked Egg into a bowl. Splat!
We've also been studying all things Irish this month. We've already had a homeschool group outing which was all about St Patricks Day, and that got us in the mood! Since Daddy is all Irish-ish, we're learning about the country, real truth vs myth (pots of gold etc), and how to present the Gospel, also, using the shamrock to illustrate the Trinity (3 in one). Lets make some cake balls!! In honour of St Patrick of course.

I used this recipe from Bakerella's site...a from-scratch red velvet cake, dyed green instead (her green explanation here). In all honesty I was not a big fan of the cake itself, but of course, once mixed with the cream cheese icing, it tastes just fine. The texture and flavour (among other things) just weren't perfect. I hate making cakes from scratch, there is just way too much trial and error involved, and I hate running the risk of a disaster and wasted time/ingredients. Duncan Hines, you remain my favourite. You turn out perfectly perfect each and every time. Also, she stated she used 1 whole bottle of the green colour...I didn't even use half of my 1oz bottle, and I found it sufficiently green!!
Irish Cake Balls! Yummy! I dipped them in white chocolate using a toothpick, and then poked them all upright into styrofoam to drip off and keep that round shape, instead of having the flat bottom that you get when dropping them on wax paper. Removing the toothpicks once hard only leaves a very tiny hole in the chocolate. They are addictive, as Brian says:-) Very yummy!

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  1. Nice! we're doing naked eggs tomorrow and have been studying St. Patty as well - surprise surprise! :D I have to disagree with you about cake mixes though! I'd much rather use a scratch mix ;0) Let me know if you ever want a "Fail proof" recipe, I've finally got a few!!