Sunday, March 25, 2012

Derby Car Races

There was an Awana Derby Car race this past Friday at Avalon Hills. We all had fun, I think Brian and the kids especially had fun. It's a guy thing I guess. He mentioned several times how fun it was, and his ideas for next year:-). This year, he was a little short on time, so went pretty simple. Brooks' car made it to the final race with the Cubbies, where he got 4th (last) place. Kenna made it to the semi-final race with Sparks where she got second, losing to her buddy James, who won the whole thing in the final round.

Kenna's car did an amazing feat in the semi-final race...she was on the green track, and it hopped quickly and cleanly onto the yellow track halfway down, and finished the race in second place (beating the car that was supposed to be in the yellow lane). They re-ran the race again, due to that little mishap, but it was pretty cool!
He's got a great seat and loved the races!

Can you guess who's car is who's? :-)

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