Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night was a first for Kenna! She was "clubber of the night" at Sparks, which means she said more verses than all the other Kindergarteners! Slight disadvantage to the other children...we were sick last week, so she had 2 weeks worth of stuff to recite (5 verses I believe!). Anyway, she was still very proud of herself (and wasn't boasting but still...), which plummeted Brooks, in the "lowly" Cubbies club, into the depths of despair. He wishes he could say the most verses.

Recently, everything has become a competition between these two...who is better, who is smarter, who is taller...they self declare the "winner", and the other one is in tears. So many life lessons to be learned between these best friends! Some day they'll be happy for each other, instead of seeing it all as a challenge to be the best.
It was sports theme at Awanas...the only time she's ever been happy to wear "boys clothes"

Meet your competition. One of them has their clothes on inside out. Kenna = 1, Brooks = 0. ok ok, I'm not helping:-D
Random pic from today.
The happy hat people!

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