Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Fall!

We're kicking off the (supposedly) cooler weather with some soccer! This year Kenna and Brooks are separate teams for the first time. Kenna moved up to the 5&6 year olds, and Brooks remains in the 3&4 year olds (where he's played since he was 2, they let him join early with Kenna). He had two goal attempts today, which he swears went in, but they didn't:-)
Brooks being the goalie. He is a Green Gator, and is on a team with his buddy Jack!
Kenna has been shocking me by actually playing soccer this year! No more half-hearted wandering around the field. She pays attention and gets in the action, and even is learning positions.
In the background it's Eli, Kenna & Lane, buddies from church. They weren't playing at this point, they were actually having a conversation:-)
Go Kenna Go! She is on the Lightening Bolts team with lots and lots of her friends
Sitting on the bench with the big boys. Grey loved this perch. He felt quite involved I think.

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  1. Love the pics. These are the days we will look back on and wonder where the time has gone:( cherishing it now!