Friday, September 16, 2011


Random news: Busy days! Soccer, piano, Awanas, school in full swing, and all the "extra" kids back mean that we are...alive:-) We're pretty well scheduled, so chaos is usually avoided, but there's always the unexpected in life. Like getting the license plates stolen off two of our vehicles in the night. I guess since there were no tools to take they got what they could? Argh. Can you say gated community?! Add to my list, file police report. Check. Add to Brian's list, go to DMV for new plates. Check.

Random funny: Talking about her new adventures at Sparks, over lunch...
Kenna: I do try my best, but I don't win 'cause I am not very fast at running
Brooks: I think when I am five and I go to Sparks, I will win that challenge
Kenna: You won't. You won't win until you're a teenager
Brooks: Well, when I'm eight, I'll be a teenager! That's soon
Kenna: Brooks?! You're a weird kid
Brooks: No I'm not. I'm right

Random pic: It's Sonny! They all love to dress up, and when I saw his hat-and-"weapon" pairing, it literally made me laugh out loud, it was so cute!
Sonny will be 2 in January, isn't he adorable?

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