Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sad State

This sign denotes the sad state of the educational system. Wow. I had to snap a pic on my phone as we passed by.
Wacky Wendays


  1. Oh dear. Hopefully this wasn't actually posted AT a school. THAT would be bad. Otherwise, I don't think it necessarily reflects the state of schools, just a stupid PERSON who doesn't know how to spell a basic word!

  2. Dunno about that...this was at a hair salon. I'm going to assume everyone working there has been to school in some form or fashion. For an individual person to have gone through school of any sort (private, homeschool or public) and still not know how to spell a fundamental word in the English language, is, I find, sad indeed. If you can't spell Wednesday, you can't graduate. End of story. It reflects poorly on both the educational system AND the people involved (students & parents included).

  3. and by saying 'educational system', I mean that to include all private, public, home educators and parents, since I have no idea who exactly wrote that, or by what "system" they were taught. Epic fail.