Friday, June 24, 2011

Walks - Video

We took a walk McD's for lunch. It's a good way to burn off the extra calories you consume there:-) It's just around the corner from our place, so not far at all...but it feels further in the heat! Brooks is our runner. He runs everywhere. And he's fast. He can run for miles (almost literally) without getting tired or out of breath! We'll have to get this boy into track & field for sure! Anyway, on our walks he runs ahead to the next street, where we'd cross and waits for us:-)

He's a runner!
Lovin' the playplace!

Brooks (complete with ketchup on his cheeks), and Janessa
Kenna's always the climber!


  1. The trees in the pic of Brooks running look totally fake btw! Weird trunks! Must be nice to have Janessa for a holiday! Is she with you for the summer?

  2. It was great seeing Janessa on there!!! Always great to see the wee ones too :)

  3. Janessa came back with me from the wedding and is here until Aug, so yes VERY nice! Lots of help with the kids, they love her!

    And those trees are called Crepe Myrtles. I have never seen anything like it! The bark/trees look like something from Lord of the Rings, they are "barkless" and smooth and very twisty. They bloom beautifully! But they do look very weird!