Monday, June 13, 2011

Slide Show

The slide show at the reception was one of the best I have ever seen. I think that this may be a slightly biased opinion, but it's still where I stand. It was a typical slide show...however...I think it's the only slide show that has ever made me cry.

Logan is the first of the "little kids" in my family to get married. Seeing all those pictures of that adorable little boy, that I loved since birth, was just really shocking. The moments are so fleeting. I'm looking at pictures of him and I, and he is Grey's age. And that seems like yesterday. And now he's a man. It's just so crazy how time flies by, and the moments are gone forever. Additionally, Kari was an adorable baby too! The music that they picked was very well suited to the pictures, so that really added to the emotion. I was crying before Tim McGraw stopped singing (and I hadn't even seen the Logan pics yet, haha!).

Loved it. Kari's Dad put it all together and did a remarkable job. I don't have the actual slideshow, but these were the songs they played (excuse random strangers slideshows on youtube). But if you aren't familiar with the songs, listen if you want to! (don't have to watch)

Pictures of Baby Kari - My Little Girl - Tim McGraw
Pictures of Kari growing up - Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman
Pictures of Baby Logan - Masterpiece - Sandi Patty (I sang this song for his dedication at church in 1991)
Pictures of Logan growing up - Little Guy - Gord Bamford
Pictures of Logan and Kari together (dating & engaged) - Smile - Uncle Kracker

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  1. correction: 1990 - Logan was 2 weeks old at his dedication