Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kennedy Concert

On Friday night after the rehearsal & dinner, in true Kennedy style, there was a concert:-) It was such a fun time. There were about 50 people there, and Logan wanted to entertain the crowds. I didn't sing - no time for practice or anything. Here are just a few very short clips. If you are really interested in more (meaning, you are related to me), you can find all the video I took of that night on the family blog, along with pics of the evening too.

My brother, Logan and his fiancee Kari singing Broken Heart, originally by Carolyn Dawn Johnson

There is a Fountain. Lead sung by the incredibly talented Christa Tyler, main harmonies and piano by Logan, and group harmonies by Kari and my Dad. Beautiful arrangement!

This one is a true classic. I've heard my Dad do this song probably a million times...it's Johnny B Good!! My Dad on lead vocals and guitar, Davis on bass, Logan on guitar, Kaden on drums (some of my bros!). Check out this link for a Old Time Rock n Roll rendition!

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