Saturday, June 4, 2011

False Marketing

Pudding aisle: Oh look mom, can we get this? It's awesome!

It's colour changing pudding. I have my doubts, but we buy it anyway.

Directions say to mix with 2C cold milk, stir for 2 minutes, then say "Presto change-o, make my Jell-o". Wait for 5 mins and watch it change colour.

Directions lie. We poured the milk on, and it was green. We stirred it, it was green. We even said the "magic words", and it was still green. Oh well. I guess they meant, its a DIFFERENT colour, since it's vanilla pudding, that's green. The kids were #1) wondering why we would call it Jello when it's pudding, and #2) when it was gonna change colour.

Don't take your eyes off kids for even a minute while eating:-) Kenna thought it would make a lovely lipstick and eyeshadow combo. See? It really is quite green!

Brooks dropped a gob onto his foot and declared it would give him Spidey super powers. ?. Kids!

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