Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am helping out with VBS this year at church, since Kenna is old enough to go (and they have nursery for the young'uns)'s a Candy Land theme, and so I need to come up with my "name". Yikes! So for inspiration, I was looking at a candy site, to see a variety of candy names to choose from.

Canada, for the record, and for those that don't know, has a superior selection of candy and chocolate bars, compared to the US. All Americans that have been to Canada will concur.

However, there is one blight on the Canadian candy-list... Eat-More. It has to be the grossest chocolate bar I've ever had (and there is no chocolate in it). I would liken it to tar...or Vegemite in's just one of those gross "national treasures". My Dad likes Eat-More (he's crazy). This candy reviewer obviously liked it too. We used to joke as kids, it should be named Eat-Less:-)

And I still don't have a name...suggestions? (Lots of them are already claimed, like Skittles and Cotton Candy etc, so I am having to get rare/creative)


  1. Mrs.Big LOL How about Snickers?

  2. Umm Gobstoppers, Runts, Oh-Henry, Jaw Breakers, Smarties, Turkish Delight, Mars Bars.....