Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kid Kwotes & Kwips Archive 2007-2010

I figured I should have these permanently documented somewhere, so I don't forget...

Dec '10

Brooks: Mommy, I won't ever forget that Christmas is all about being surprised
Mommy: Ok...good...don't ever forget then
Brooks: I won't

Kenna: I don't love it, (with mounting enthusiasm) I liiiike it!

Kenna, while watching an impressive light show, randomly says in awe: Wow! Feliz Navi-dah!

Mom: Do you know what Christmas is all about?
Kenna: Not telling people what their gifts's are
Lol. I was going for "Jesus"

Brooks: I don't want to wear this hat, Mom, it's so cranky

Kenna: Why don't you give us red and red, so we don't fight
Mom: How about you just not fight?
Kenna: Yeaaaah, well, you should probally just give us red and red
While 'attacking' the gingerbread house...
Kenna: I just hate to have to tell you this Brooks, it's so awful, but I can't find any gumballs

Brooks: Hey! It's Snoopy and Woodstock!
Mom: How do you know Woodstock's name?
Kenna: Grandpa told us at Fanksgiving
Brooks: Woodstock is a yellow bird and Snoopy is a white dog
Kenna: Yah, Grandpa's smart!

Brooks: If no one wins than it's called bunny's game
Mom: Cat's game
Brooks: Yah, and if you win, it's called cheating
Connect "Foy" tests the limits of his vast intelligence, but he's figured out a way to come out on top. We all cheat.

Brooks: Hey, I have the perfect name for this kid! Lleyton Gwey-Gwey!
Kenna: That already is his name, Brooks
Brooks: Oh, well, how 'bout Lleyton Carson James then!

Brooks, (is very bothered that the baby doesn't talk): Maybe the baby speaks baby language. Or maybe Irish. Is he Irish?
Mom: Yes, he's Irish
Brooks: Yah, so maybe that's it. Are we all Irish?
Kenna: No, we live in 'Merica, not Irish, but I am Irish, 'cause I have a shirt
Mom: We live in America, but Daddy is from Ireland, that makes you all Irish.

Darla, complaining about being pestered all day by everything the kids "need", ending the story with: so, I just don't need the extra banter
Brian: what extra banter?
Darla: you know, like you, saying, like when are you gonna...fold my...socks
Brian, laughing hysterically: Why don't you ever put Darla quotes on the blog. Forget the kids
Darla, also cracking up: Fine!
...he never asks me to fold his socks, that was just a silly I made up in the moment as I was searching for an example. Fun in the life and times of Darla:-)

Brooks: This is a nice day isn't it? The sky is blue, the water is blue, and Jesus loves us!
Mom: That's right! God created this beautiful day, and loves us sooo much!
Brooks: Yah! And God cr-wated (created)...(launches into a very long list of things God created, in his opinion)
Kenna, interrupts: No, no, He didn't create dump trucks, cause they just carry dump, and He didn't create trains, He just made tracks, cause trains need tracks to ride on. And He didn't create gas, well, I think He did create gas, but mens just made the things that come up to protect the gas

Mom, changing a diaper
Kenna: Oh man, that smell makes me want to die...(dramatically falling to the ground) Owww! uuuff, I really did die!

Kenna: I am going to ask Santa for some new colouring books, 'cause I am running low, and this might be my only chance to get more
...I told them they would only see Santa once this year

Kenna, playing with the boys: ok guys, I have to go but our friend Squanto will be here in a minute to teach you about soccer.

...doing Kenna's hair...
Mom: look up
Kenna: oh! I see Cassiopeia, clouds, rain, Jesus, birds, and the man in the moon!
...or just the ceiling, perhaps. Although I never thought I would hear Jesus and the man in the moon uttered in the same sentence:-)

Brooks: Grey's neck is longer than a tywanasauwus, so I think he must be a brachiasauwus

Kenna: Can we watch a show?
Mom: sure
Kenna: Yes! Guys! We can watch a show! We are going to rock this show all over the house!!

Nov '10
Brooks, counting, using his fingers about waist-height: One, two, three!
Daddy: Good, can you count higher?
Brooks, raising his hand/fingers high above his head: One, two, three!

Kenna: toilet paper is for our tooshie. Sarah says you should say tooshie instead of (hand waving), you know, you know, I don't want to say know
Mommy: Bum bum?
Kenna: yeah, that's it. I just don't want to say it, because its rude, you know.

Something only children from this area ever have experience with...
Kenna: this tunnel made us loose our reception...we should get it back when, oh! look! I see DAYLIGHT!

*S & J are the little boys I watch every day* Sonny, tries to stand up on the toy hangy-downy-thingy, and it all comes crashing down...
Jack: Oh no! He broke our time tunnel!
Sonny, not so important. Time tunnel, crucial.

Brooks: Mommy, I'm so hungry can I just have another cookie?
Mom: No. If you are still hungry, you can eat more soup
Brooks: Well, I'm actually not hungry, I was just kidding

Brooks, about to kick a soccer ball right at Grey's head: This baby is our precious, so we don't want to kill him
Thank goodness Mommy protects the precious child, or he *would be* killed.

Brooks: Are you coming outside Dad?
Dad: Uh, no, I'm watching football
Brooks: Well, I am destroying difficult animals out there!
Mom: Like what?
Brooks: Lions and stuff

Mommy, dealing with hyper kids: I cannot wait for bedtime!
Kenna: Why do you like bed so much?
Mommy: No reason

Brooks, pulling a 12+ inch hair from his food: Look at this! All my hair must be falling out!

Kenna: Mom, Brooks is colouring on my picture to be mean
Mom: Brooks come here...why would you colour on Kenna's artwork?
Brooks: to be mean
well, the good news is that she wasn't exaggerating

Brooks: Hey Mom! I just f-rowed (throwed) this fing in Kenna's room, and guess what that is called? Inertia!
Mom: Where did you learn about that?
Kenna: Sid the Sci-ess, it's when you throw something and it keeps going.
Bless Sid the Science Kid, he's a great teacher!

Kenna: I just love being a liable girl!

Out shopping, Brooks stomped in a puddle and got his pants wet up to the knees...
Kenna: I can fix fit for you, I'll just say Abra-ca-dabra Ala-kazam! Huh, it's not working. Someone must have stolen my super powers.

starting in halfway through a conversation...
Brooks: we could marry each uh-ver(other)
Kenna: No we can't marry each other. When you grow up, you can marry Gracie or Libby. And I can do Drew-Drew, James or Tate-Tate.
Brooks: yah, or we could marry each uh-ver
Kenna: No Brooks, we can't marry each other because, I don't know why. But we can't. You have to marry Libby

Kenna: I don't very like your cake. I mean, I like it, like it looks yummy, but I just don't like it
My Apple Coffee Cake, getting less than rave reviews from my pickiest eater

Kenna: What on earth is this? I can't read it because it's written in scraggles
so if I want to keep anything a secret, I shall continue to write in cursive...:-)

Brooks: Mommy, I have the best news! I did not pee on your seat, so you have nothing to clean.

Kenna: Mommy, I love dead pig

Talking about her dis-taste for sour cream
Kenna: Is that cream?
Mommy: Yes
Kenna: oh. So you're a creamer, and Brooksie is a Daddy a creamer too?
Mommy: Yes, you are the only one that doesn't like it
Kenna: Well, you know I can't help it, God just made me this way, to not like cream
Oh brother

Kenna, calling out from her bed - about 7:30pm: Can I ask you one question? Where is Daddy going?
Mommy: He went to work
Kenna, incredulously: At midnight??
Mommy: it's not midnight, go to sleep

Mommy: What was your class about
Kenna: And Jesus increased in wisdom
Mommy: oh! do you know what that means?
Kenna, more emphatically, and with hand gestures: And Je-sus inCREASed in wizzzzzz-dom

Mommy, to Grey: Can you say hiiiiiii?
Brooks: I don't fink he speaks English
Mommy: oh, well maybe he speaks Spanish?
Brooks: maybe

Kenna: No Sonny, you can't play with the fridge. Sorry, it's just part of life.
She protects her artwork vigilantly

Brooks: T-O-R-O-N-T-O, what does that spell?
Mommy: Toronto
Brooks: No, it spells soccer ball
Mommy: No, it IS a soccer ball, but that word spells Toronto where the ball is from
Brooks: That's not correct, it says saw-KER-ball

Brooks: Look, I drew Daddy!! Here's his goatee, and his dot
Brian has a mole on his face, haha!

Brooks, marching over to the coach of the Green Team: You, you need to get the Green Team out of the way so the Blue Team can sc-oy (score).
He was tired of losing to the bigger, faster, more talented, "Greens". I guess he thought a direct approach would be best.
Talking about what they will be when they get older...

Brooks: I am going to be a warrior like Tom-Tom and my Dad. I'm gonna fer-tect (protect) ya from the bad mens in the desert
Kenna: And I'm going to just hang around and do ballet
I believe they both might have just a few misconceptions about what their parents *actually do* everyday. No wars. No ballet. Sorry to disappoint:-)

Brooks: Owwie! He hit me in the tongue!
Mom: Why was your tongue out?
Brooks: Mom, that's not the point! He HIT me in the TONGUE!

Brooks: K-e-n-n-a spells Kenna? Oh! That spells truck too!
wow, such multi-purposeful letters:-)

Oct '10
Mommy, noticing a Sunday school paper with Joshua in the title: What did you learn about today? Joshua?
Kenna: Joshua? Oh yes! Joshua. He had these terrible spots. Terrible. And he had to dip into the river FOUR times.
Mommy: Really? I don't remember that story
Kenna: Well, it's in the Bible

Brooks, randomly, during dinner: Number one, always tell your parents. Number two, never tell a lie. Number three, don't panic about your toys.
Sounds like sage advice:-)

Brooks, while playing (with Kenna): Just wait Olivia, someone is texting me
Imaginary play, for kids in 2010:-)

Brooks, while playing: I happen to be a genie-us!
Kenna: No honey, you're not a genie-us
This made me laugh...doesn't it sound like Brian and I, haha!!

Kenna: In New Yoooorrrrk! Concrete jungle full of tomatoes. There's nothing you can't do
It's her very own Empire State of Mind:-)

Brooks: Kenna! Good grief, don't say that, it hurts my stomach

Brooks: I don't want to wear these soccer shoes, they're so dal-erd.
Kenna: oh ok, I'll get them off
Mommy: What does dalerd mean?
Brooks: You know, it's stuff you don't have and don't need
Huh...good to know...
Mommy, explaining Mom & Dad's American wedding anniversary to the kids
Brooks: You got married in America??!!?!
Mommy: Yup
Brooks: [sad sigh], I wish I lived in America

Kenna, calling to Brooks as part of an imaginary game: C'mon Brooks, it's bedtime!
Brooks: Aw, chucks
Mommy: It's shucks
Brooks: What's that?
Mommy: It's shucks, not chucks
Brooks: huh...shucks...

Sept '10
Kenna: What is this on the top?
Mommy: It's German Chocolate Cake, that part is coconut icing, that's what makes it German. Did you know that you are part German?
Kenna: yah? Like on 'Yardigans, Sherman the German, he says [cheeping sounds]
Mommy: uh, he's Sherman the worm'in, that's a totally different thing.

Kenna: Did you just marry Dad so you could get us?

Brooks: What is cheating called?
Mommy: It's when you don't obey the rules
Brooks: oh, the rules of life? I know those.

Brooks: This is in-tastic! That is one hot shirley temple!
He is more than pleased with his beverage!

Kenna: And Brooksie didn't finish his food so he doesn't very get dessert, right? Oh! Momma? Speaking of which...did he not finish his water either?!? I better dump this out.
Wow. She doesn't even need a response to keep the conversation going...speaking of which...:-)

Kenna, singing: We're knights thats right!
Brooks: That is Justin Beiber's favourite song! Say that Kenna!
Kenna: Presenting, Justin Beiber's favourite song!
Brooks, singing and 'playing drums': We're knights thats right!

Kenna: Did Grandma just have a baby, and that was you, and you growed up so you could babysit us?

Kenna: 'Cause Brooks just thinks that he is big like me, but I just know that he is not but I don't tell him that because I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Overheard during 'playing school'

Kenna: Lets pray to Jesus, our Lord, for being our Saviour. Dear Jesus, we love our Daddy's work, and protecting us, and our food, and we love you in our hearts and we are glad we have you. The End.
Brooks: Um teacher, is baby Greyson your Uncle, or your Fah-ver? (father)
Explaining their game of 'school' to me. Kenna was the teacher, naturally

Brooks: And I'm the kid who licks his stuffties (=stuffed animals)

Brooks, hunting with a hockey stick: Be careful guys, don't get shoot with my shoot gun

Brooks, during dinner time conversation: backsies, no kidding!
Mommy, laughing out loud: No backsies? Who says that?
Brooks: Bossy letter R
Mommy, very amused: Do you even know what that means?
Brooks: No idea
"Bossy letter R" is on a tv show that teaches kids reading etc.

Kenna, calling out the front door to Brooks and Jack, playing: Now you take turns! Two minutes! There's not to be any fits or crying Brooksie. Not a thistle. She walks away brushing off her hands
Mom: A thistle?
Kenna: Yup!

Brooks, in back seat of car: Kenna, I don't love you
Mom: Brooksie! That is very unkind. Why would you say that?
Brooks: b'cause, I don't like her dress. It's not nice
at least he's honest? :-/Mom: well that is very unkind, we always love people, no matter what they are wearing
Kenna: Yah, you should always be kind to a friend in need!
Mom: Thanks Kenna...I think Mommy can handle this one

Aug '10
Brooks: What is this racking mess?
Unfortunately, I believe he was trying to say freaking mess. Oh my.

Kenna: Brooks! No! Mom, Mom! Brooks is tampering with the baby!
The 'let sleeping babies lay' theory is completely lost on Brooks
Telling the kids about my Grandma, sick with cancer. They were very sad and concerned. Brooks immediately bowed his head and prayed - before I was even done talking or explaining
: Dear Jesus, please help our Grandma with sickness in her body, please help her not to get any more sicknesses. Amen.
His face was so earnest and sincere, it made me cry. He has such a sweet heart.

Kenna: We can't let baby Greyson grow up, we just can't!
Mom: Yah, 'cause he's our little baby
Kenna: No! Because we don't have enough beds for him to grow up!
Mom: Oh, we'll get him a bed, don't worry
Kenna: Well, we just have a sleeping bag he could use, that could work

Brooks: Um, Daddy? Mommy slammed her fingernail in the doy (door) and she said dag-nabbit

After leaving the house and driving around the block to return home and get a forgotten item, twice
Kenna: I hope nobody is watching out their big window else they will think we are a maniac. Or if they are not watching then they won't think we are a maniac.
Mommy: True. Lets hope they're not watching.

Mommy: You're a smart girl
Kenna: Yah, well, I just need to stop thinking
Mommy: Why?
Kenna: Cause if so many people think I'm smart they just give me so much to do

Mommy, trying to make beatbox sounds at the request of the kids

Kenna: Oh, that was good!
Mommy: oh yah? (noises) like that?
Kenna: Well, no! But you made a wonderful dolphin sound!

Brooks: I love your beaufull-ul blue eyes. I think I'll keep you.
Mommy: Aw, thanks. I think I'll keep you too.

Brooks: I gotta dash!
His new favourite expression - any time he's going from point A to point B

After pouring soda/pop, it started to fizz up and spill over
Kenna: Ahhh! Look! It's activating! Hurry, hurry, it's activating!

July '10
The kids were admiring all the color coordinating kitchen items for back to school

Mommy: These are for when you go away to college, then you need these things
Brooks: Yah. I'm going to go to a blue college. Kenna could go to a pink one.

Brooks: We're good friends, aren't we Mom?
Mom: the best
Brooks: yah, the best!

Kenna, playing an imaginary game: Oh look, she's been killed
Brooks: Let me get her a band aid
Kenna: No Brooks, she doesn't need a band aid, she's been killed. She needs a doctor to make her better

Mommy: Tropical punch is ready
Brooks: Oh yesss! Chocolate punch!
Mommy: Not chocolate, Traw-pic-cle punch
Brooks (about to taste the juice): yummm. Chocolate pickle!

A perfectly healthy boy angling for his favourite "cure"
Brooks: I have a cough ache, in my tummy
Mom: Oh yah?
Brooks: Yah, I think I must need a cough drop or something

Kenna: All the stuff from our cass-terator are lost
Mom: Your what?!
Kenna: our school cassh-ter-ator
ah register!

Kenna, trying to comfort her friend Bobby, who was stung by a jellyfish: You know that stinger fish that got ya? Well, he's going to die. 'Cause we get gas in our car, and it spilled in the ocean and it's coming up to kill all the animals, so don't worry
BP oil spill, according to a 4 year old:-)

Mommy: Are you going to eat this piece of cheese?
Kenna: No, I don't think so, I'm not very a cheese girl, well, I am, but I just don't want it I think. I'm not a meat girl, well, I very like chicken, but I'm just not very a cheese girl.
oh the intricacies of her particular palate

Brooks, to Kenna, after she was dishonest: Telling the truth is always necessary

Brooks: Benember when I was at Mom and Dad's wedding?
Kenna: No Brooks, no. Only I was there. You were still in heaven
For the record, they were both "still in heaven" :-)

Kenna: My hair is longer than anyone else I know
Mom: Yup, it's definitely longer than all your friends
Kenna: Yes, and more beautiful
I'd say she has a healthy sense of self-worth

Kenna, to Mom: Know why I'm making all these things? (crafts) So I can pay cash for you to go to the bouncy house. I think I have 20 bucks.
Earlier in the day, I told her we couldn't go to the bouncy house because it's too expensive:-)

Brooks: We could have lemons, cherries, and coconuts and peanut butter all mixed together! That might be nice!
Kenna: Peanut butter? You're just a peanut butter cracker!
Brooks: oh, oh, and yogurt!
This was his idea for a smoothie concoction

Mom checking Kenna's bed for toys before naps

Kenna: Don't worry Mom, there's nothing in here 'cept one book and crumbs

Brooks: Jou (do you) know what ice cream is made from?
Mom: milk?
Brooks: No! Ice cream juice!

Kenna: Look! Brooks is squeezing out his juice onto his shirt! I am very deadly serious!

In the middle of the day...
Kenna: Oh look! The moon is out with Mr Sun. I wonder what they're doing in China?

Brooks, asking his favourite question: Who sings this song?
Mommy: John Prine
Brooks: Ah! Just like my Dad! John Brian!
Mommy: No, it's Puh-rine, ppprrrrine, prine.
Brooks: Yah, like Dads?
Mommy: No, Dad is Brian
Brooks: Yah, yah, I know John Brian, I know.
Mom gives up!

Brooks: This is a puffer fish. It's on the radio, stereo, the way ya move ain't fair ya know.
Partial lyrics from a song by Train inserted into everyday conversation.

Brooks: I'm just screaming like a banshee because Kenna won't share

Brooks, bored of watching a World Cup soccer game: I don't like this anymore, I think baseball will be next on Playhouse Disney

Daddy, to Grey: Can you say Brooksie?
Brooks: No, no, Dad, babies can't talk
Daddy: I know, but this is how they learn
Brooks, running to Mom: Can can can babies talk?
Mommy: No, babies can't talk
Brooks, running back: See, Dad, see, Mom says babies can't talk!

Brooks: I can't wait 'til our baby is born
Kenna: Our baby has been born, THIS is our baby
Brooks: Are you sure? I don't believe you

Kenna: Marshall doesn't have any hair, so he doesn't very have crap
Grey has lots of cradle cap, and it bothers the kids:-)

Brooks, standing in the living room holding a paper flag: I just got this Canada flag down and hum, I guess there's no wind today

Grey being fussy and not wanting to nurse
Kenna: I know! Maybe its just turned to rotten milk!

Brooks, getting splashed by Jack: Ahhh!! No sir-ee! No sir-ree Bob!

Brooks: Can you play with me? I really want to play tennis with my friend Dad. But he's takin' a break

Kenna: Lleyton Gregory David Bolger, that's your name, Baby Golger. Hey! That rhymes!
Mom: technically, I guess
Kenna: No, no, it does

June '10
A lesson in the art of confusion...

Brooks, playing with my necklace: This is a hoy-t (heart)
Mommy: Yup, that is from Uncle Brentie
Brooks: Where is he?
Mommy: Canada
Brooks: Canada?!? Did you say Canada or Kenna did?
Mommy: Canada. Why would I say Kenna did?
Brooks: I don't know, what did Kenna do?
Mommy: Nothing, I didn't even say that.
Brooks: Oh. So what did Kenna do's?

Kenna, at breakfast: Mommy, I have to tell you some bad news.
Mommy: oh?
Kenna: Yes, Daddy is sick. He told me. Right before he left for work. He said "I'm sorry baby girl, I'm just sick" at the door. So I think we should make him a hot chocolate, because that usually makes people feel better.

Kenna: See that square fing? It's a juice box. You know, the musical kind.
It took me a minute to notice the juKE box:-)

Brooks: Can we hear Billy duh bum buh bum buh bum bum?
That would actually be the song Hillbilly Bone. To Kenna and Brooks it's Billy the Bum

Brooks: That's not the coint
Recently he's all about 'the point', er, coint :-)

Mommy: Just back up, I need space. You guys are driving me up the wall
Brooks: Josh and the big wall?
Mommy: No, THE wall
Kenna: What wall?
Mommy: The crazy wall
Brooks: oooo, that sounds fun!
Mommy: Trust me. It's not.

Brooks: I wish I could make shapes
Mommy: You can, you can draw them
Brooks: No, I need a belt to make super shapes like Gito (Geo). -sigh- I'm just not a superhero
Everyone knows, all superheros have belts, naturally

Brooks: Wow look at this what Kenna did. It's bery interest-able

Mommy, about to get someone in trouble: Brooklyn Bolger, come here!
Brooks: Book-wyn? Who's Book-wyn, is that me?

Brooks: See my shirt? It says, Canada. Brooksie. He winned.

Kenna, to Brooks: goodnight, you grumpy ol' troll

Brooks: We are hungry bumpkins
Mommy: You sure are! I don't think you've ever eaten this much!
Kenna: Yah, well, thats because this is good food, and we only eat good food

May '10
Brooks: No, you can't have this Jack, it's mine. Jou (do you) know where I got this from? From a big grown up girl
She's six

Daddy, after observing various habits like nibbling on food and collecting toys into piles all over the house: These kids are like having rodents for pets

Kenna: oh wow! They have such a beautiful green toilet!
She's easily impressed...but I guess the 70's are coming back, right?

Mom: Why didn't you play with the other children?
Brooks: Because they they they scare me
Mom: Why do they scare you?
Brooks, sadly: Because I'm just shy
Mom: You are not
Brooks, sad voice: Yah, I am

Kenna, at Costco: Just keep your eyes peeled for the ladies with the wrapping paper on their heads
known to regular folks as the sample ladies!

Kenna: the bare ne-ness-a-nees, forget about your own disease
Singing the Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book

Brooks, lovingly singing to the tune of Brahm's lullaby: Go ta sleep lidda cweep (little creep) close ya big blood-blood (blood shot) eyes, go ta sleep, lidda cweep, or ya teddy bear will die
Thanks to Janessa & Jillaine (and Tim Hawkins!), the kids think this is a loving and sweet song. Grey gets it sung to him almost daily :-D

Kenna: K, kuh kuh! Hah! I knew it!

Brooks to Kenna, the cat: Hey Kitty! What are you doing? We can't go to the Promise Land! We can't! Stop! Don't be an idiot!

Brooks, to Jack & Kenna: Guys! Guys! Gentlemen! We fah-got our insta-ments
He loves playing music so much

Mommy, singing around the house
Brooks: Can you please stop singing, it's an-noying us

April '10
Brooks, said in a tone like a kind, wise old man: I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry they didn't have your noodles. Can you deal wiff it?

Kenna, trying to read a "Happy Birthday" balloon: This says uh, aaaahhh, I can't read this, it's in french

Brooks, at Walmart: Mom! The pee-pees are coming out!!
Mom, immediately charging towards the restrooms: Ok! Hang on!
Brooks, after a minute of running: Nah, I was just kiddin' Mom
Mom: Seriously? You don't have to go potty?
Brooks: Nope
Mom: Ok, that was not funny
Brooks: Yah, it was

Kenna: One time, last year, there was snow in America and we played in it. Remember?
In the kids minds, snow only belongs in Canada

Brooks: Look, I can put my cup back for the edge. My arms are bery long, like extendo arms. Look. See. It's inpressive!

Mar '10
Kenna, using a baby voice talking to Grey: We just love you, yes we do. It's alright Buddy, we are just excited for you. You used to be in Mommy's tummy and now you're out so she can lay on the floor and reach us things under the couch. (a few minutes later)...Hey little baby, you know who I am? Yes you do. I'm Kennedy Bolger, the big sister, yes I am. Do you like my hair? -->

Brooks: He can open his eyes! Ok! Put him on the floor Mom!
He is very overly excited for a playmate to teach sports to

Kenna, watching Grey trying to focus on us: I think he's just imaginating

Kenna, poking her head out the door to check the temperature: How come the whole world smells like crap?
Low-tide has its own 'special' smell!!

Kenna: I definly love this baby! I think we should keep him!

Kenna: You shouldn't sing with us, 'cause Moms don't have any fun, they just have serious jobs.

Kenna: We're making a fort with your pillows, but make sure Dad doesn't see 'cause he gets frustrating
Haha, Dad has a little less understanding, I guess, when it comes to his bed pillows on the livingroom floor:-)

Mom: Ask Jack, maybe he wants to play
Brooks: No, he's a little kid, he doesn't know how
Mom: Well, ask him, he could play catch with you if you ask
Brooks, runs off to Jack: You wanna play basketball? (no response) ...see! He doesn't want to. He's just allergic to basketball.

Mom: Shoot! I'm in the wrong lane!
Kenna: What are we going to do?
Brooks: It's ok Mom, we fah-give (forgive) you. We fah-give you for makin' the wrong turn.

Mom: Can we put this up so you can get it in the morning?
Brooks: I suppose
Mom: [laughs] where did you get that!?
Brooks: McDonalds (referring to the toy)
Mom: no, no, I mean, who says I suppose?
Brooks: I do

Overheard during playtime
Kenna: I'm Ah-rock Ah-bahn-a (Barack Obama), I make the rules.

How you know your almost 4 year old has too much information and too little discretion
Kenna, to the cashier: These cookies are yellow just like our baby's poop is going to be.
I died of embarrassment!...they were Easter Oreo's with yellow icing

Daddy: I love it when you play with your brother so nicely, you are a good big sister
Kenna: Yah, I know, but sometimes Brooksie just doesn't listen to my destructions

Question from a lady: What is your baby, a brother or a sister?
Kenna: Well, we don't know. We're still deciding.

Brooks: When, when, when you see a dino-store (dinosaur) in your house you say 'No! No! You get back outside!'

Feb '10

Mom offered Kenna a piece of a friends leftover birthday cake

Kenna: Oh! That is the most beautifulist cake I've ever wanted to eat!!

Mom, explaining why we cheer for Canada in the Olympics

Brooks: I'm not Ca-may-dian, I'm just a boy

Kenna declares: Me and Dad are twins 'cause we're skinny-minis
Brooks, to Mom: Yah, and you and me are fat!

Leap Frog "Blackberry": Lets dance to Salsa!
Gales of laughter
Kenna: uh, how do we do that? With chips?

Mommy: Both of you fold your hands and put them in your lap
Kenna: Jack! Jack-Jack is not folding his hands
Mommy: Jack was not misbehaving
Kenna: oh, Jack, don't you just want to fold your hands with us?

Kenna: Ok Brooksie, you pick up all these things and take them to the bedroom
Brooks: But -
Kenna: - Hey, a deal's a deal, Bud
There was no deal, she is just a 'masterful delegator', aka: Bossy!

Jan '10

Kenna, talking about something that broke: Well, maybe the fairies can just come and fix it when we aren't looking
Mommy: I don't think so...fairies aren't real so they don't come
Kenna: But you said the tooth fairy would come!

Brooks, kissing my ear: Hey Ma, I wike your ears
Uh oh, the ear thing is catching up to us...this is what we say to him...but his are just too cute

Kenna, telling Brooks: When you feel Jesus in your heart, then you know He likes you. He likes you when you eat and when you clean your toys and when you feed the animals, right Mom?
Mom: Yes, Jesus loves obedience and kindness
Kenna: Yah, He loves kindness, not madness

Kenna, explaining the song "Ode to Billie Joe" to me:
If you and Dad were married and you didn't love each other anymore, than you could throw the ring, and Dad could jump on the bridge.
Perhaps old country songs about love and suicide are best suited for an older crowd...but I laughed so hard!

Kenna & Brooks, asking to go back to Canada

Mom: We'll go back for another Christmas or something, but it will be a long time
Kenna: Why?
Mom: Because we don't live there, it's just a vacation, so we can't stay for very long
Kenna: hrumph! I just can't believe you're making us stay here

Kenna: I'm just like totally freaked out about all the James'
Poppa, Daddy, Brooks and a friend at church all share a common name, guess which one?

Kenna: Mom! Mom! Wake up! Grandma is trying to make me eat food I bery (very) don't love!
It was waffles...which she likes

Grandpa, holding cousin Marshall: And soon you'll have a baby just like this
Kenna: Actually...our baby will look a little bit different
She was quite bothered by his lack of hair :-)

Nov & Dec '09 -

Mom: Ok kids, lets clean up this mess!
Kenna says, as though I've asked her to fly to the moon: We can't do this. We're not smart. We have no idea where this stuff goes!

Kenna, hands full taking toys back to her room
Poppa: Here Kenna, can I put this last one on the top?
Kenna: No, I only have two hands and they're full (as she walks away she mutters) I am not an octopus

Kenna (fully clothed) announces at the table: I'm not wearing any panties
Mom: Why?
Kenna: A'cause I just want it plain, cause they're all wiggly
Mom: Well where are they then?
Kenna: On the floor, over there.

Talking about chickens and eggs
Kenna: And they grow on the farm, and then we buy them at the store
Mommy: mmmhmmm
Kenna: Yes, they are from Africa
Mommy: Really?
Kenna: Yes, if you check out a map you will see that thats where all the farms are

Mommy: Did you have a good sleep?
Brooks: Yup
Mommy: How did you get into my bed? I didn't even know you were there!
Brooks: I'm wike a ghost

Dropping something off to Brian at a jobsite, he comes out with a dust mask on.
Kenna: Wow! My Dad is like a doctor or somethin'!

Poop-taste = Toothpaste, to Brooks
This one makes me laugh!

Brooks, coming in for a kiss, licks my cheek instead: Yummm, you taste wike chicken!

Daddy introduced the "smell my breath game" the previous day. (thaaaaanks Dad:-/)
Kenna, millimeters from my face: Wanna smell my brain?

Kenna, observing a pumpkin, uncarved the day before, now with a face in it: Hey it's a Halloween marathon!
Mommy: Do you mean miracle?
Kenna: No Ma, when it happens on Halloween it's called a maraTHON

Mom & Kenna, talking about how we'll know our new baby loves us, when "he" can't talk. Mom suggested he will make baby sounds and smile at us.
Kenna: And that is what puts the warm in our hearts.

Mom: Ok kids, lets clean up this mess!
Kenna says, as though I've asked her to fly to the moon: We can't do this. We're not smart. We have no idea where this stuff goes!

Brooks, making dinner table arrangements: All de faw-ders (fathers) sit on dis side. All de girls sit on dat side.
He is the self appointed "wittle faw-der" around here. Being just the son apparently doesn't cut it.

Brooks: Oh wook at all de cwacks (cracks)
Mom: oh yah, say, Don't step on the crack or you'll...
Brooks: fall
Ok, so, apparently only Kenna knows this rhyme

Brooks: aaww, gimme a grape
In the context I think he meant give me a break...he was certainly not asking for food!

Kenna: I'm just bery frustrated that you never buy me any toys that I love.

Brooks: I'm da boss
Mommy: No, Daddy is the boss
Brooks: yah, den me
Mommy: No, then Mommy. I'm the second boss.
Brooks: you da sec-kin boss? den me
Mommy: No, you are the last boss
Brooks: Last boss? Yessss!!

Mommy: We can stop and get apple dippers
Kenna: Or I could get french fries, or hamburgers, or apple dippers, I just don't know what my choices are.
Mommy: Your choices are apple dippers, thats it
Kenna: Well, we can just see what they have when we get there...
If you ask my mom I'm sure this was similar to my conversations when I was young :-)

Mom: Ok kids, it's nap time!
Brooks: But Mom, we just wanna play fa 15 hours

Brooks, looking through toilet paper roll binoculars: My knock-ulers is not working. I fink da batteries is dying.
He has a hard time lining it up with his eyes:-)

Kenna, ordering 'food' from Brooksie's restaurant: Um, I would like sheeps-cake (cheesecake)

Mommy: Did you get him?
Brooks, just finished wrestling with Daddy: Yah, he cwied (cried)

Brooks, who often has minor freakouts when mommy leaves him to go to the store etc: You always come back
Mommy: Yes, I will always come back
Brooks: You never leave you childrens. Or me. Right Mom?

Oct '09
Kenna, educating her brother on the difference between spiders and ants: Ants are very shy. And they’re hard to kill because they’re very fast. And you never know where they’re gonna come from.

Sept '09
Kenna asked for some chocolate chip dry cereal for snack...
Mommy: Yes, you can, or would you rather have raisins?
Kenna: Um, probaly, chocolate. That way we don't waste the raisins cause they make me poop.

Brooks & Mom, reading together: What's this?
Brooks: It's paint...we DON'T NOT eat paint, Teacha (teacher) says, we DON'T NOT eat paint!
I do wonder if he tried to eat it once or something...he certainly seems to know the rules now!

Brooks, hugging my tummy: Hi Baby, You're my best friend. *heart melts*

Kenna, enticing Brooks to eat his lasagna & garlic bread: If you dip it in the sauce it tastes like marshmellows...wiff ketchup on it.
Now doesn't that make you hungry?

Brooks, making little balls out of his crusts
Kenna: Brooksie, Jesus only likes you when you EAT your food, not PLAY with your food.

Showing Brooks deer grazing in a field
Mommy: There, can you see them?
Brooks: Oh! Look! It's a kangarootie!
We died laughing. No matter how much we insisted it was a deer, he was just as adamant that it was a kangaroo

Kenna, talking about foods that help us grow: And vegetables are healfee (healthy), and cucumbers helps, and milk helps, and juice makes us sweeter.

Kenna: I just love it when he says um, um, um
Mommy: It's cute eh?
Kenna: Yes. Very.

Searching for her fave "Prince & Princess" song (Taylor Swift), while listening to my ipod. Kids are so techie these days!

Aug '09
Mommy: Where'd you get this little dog? Did someone give it to you, or did we buy it?
Kenna: I don't know (pause). What about we wrap it back up and give it back to Jesus.
Mommy = blank stare
Kenna: You know, for Chris-mos

July '09
Kenna: uuuhhh, Mom? uuuhhhh...someone peed in someones bed
We are working on potty training through the night and waking up dry. This doesn't always happen:-)

Someone asked: How are you?
Kenna: My feelings are so so so good!

Kenna, talking about her craft: _____(friend) made one too, but she can't take it home to her Mommy because it's totally ugly.
Poor friend, her ladybug was just as 'ugly' as Kenna's. A lesson in kind words!

Mommy: Do you want juice or milk?
Brooks: um, I yike (like) caffeine
Mommy: no, you may not have caffeine, you can have juice or milk
Brooks: But I ree-wee(really) yike caffeine!
He calls all soda/pop, iced tea, frappucino's and coffee "caffeine" and he likes them all!

Janessa: The Tyler's are my absolute favourite kids in the whole world! (pause)...oh, and your kids too.
LOL, I thought that was pretty funny!!

June '09
Mommy: BROOKS!! What are you doing?!!
Brooks, jamming something into an electrical outlet, says nonchalantly: I'm fixin' dis house.
Move over Daddy, we have another fixer around here...a slightly more dangerous one!

Brooks, hunting flies with his sister: Wook! Ova daya. A-hind you! A-hind you! Up in de ky! - Repeat x 100
Translation: Look! Over there. Behind you! Behind you! Up in the sky! - Needless to say they had very limited success with whacking flies out of the air.

Brooks, doing the Spiderman 'wrist move': Webbed ya!

Mommy, talking to Kenna on time out: Kenna, you need to exercise patience
Kenna: But Mom, I already did exercise today, be-nember? On the mat.

May '09
Brooks, climbed behind the TV cabinet and was playing with the wires.
Mommy: BROOKS! Get out of there!
Kenna, interrupting and taking charge of the situation: Brook-LEN, you get outta dere or she will WRING. YOUR. NECK. !!
At that point I pretty much lost it. It was just too funny!

April '09
Mommy - to Brooks: Why do I just want to give you away to the circus?!
Kenna chimes in: You can give me to the playground!

Brooks, seeing Daddy dressed for work: Aaawww! A hum-some. A hum-some! (handsome)

Kenna, holding a calculator: Ok Teacher, tell me what to do nex (next)
Mommy: Ok, practice spelling K-e-n-n-a for me
Kenna: But that does not help my biss-niss skills!
I honestly don't know where she comes up with this stuff!!

Kenna, breathlessly: Look! I made a miracle!!
As she shows me her craft from Wed night class...pulling small loaves from the big loaf and little fish out of the big fish. Guess what the story was about?

Mommy: Ok kids, lets get it together so we can go to Costco
Brooks: A saples? (samples)
Mommy: Yes, we can get samples because its Saturday
Brooks, runs to me and grabs my cheeks in his hands: Sad-da-day? (Saturday) Are you a-cited? (excited)

Brooks: Canny (candy) is rellie rellie rellie (really) good!!

Mar '09
Brooks, grabbing a little book off my bookshelf: What's dis?
Mommy: It's Our Jealous God
Brooks, flips it open and shouts: I'M DUH-WISS (jealous), and slams it shut. I guess that about sums it up!

Mom: What are you talking about?
Kenna: I'm just telling him about Halloween
Mom: oh, why?
Kenna: a'cause, it's important

Kenna, giving Mom a report about her brother: And he wrecked my tower, and he wrecked my bees, and I'm a-sauce-did (exhausted) and now I need'a fine (find) some'pin else'ta do.

Feb '09
Kenna: I did you a proud job, right Mom?
After successfully having no accidents while at church in her class

Kenna: Is this from Joe-le-raine?
Mommy: Uh, no, I don't know who that is
Kenna: You know, our cousin, JOE - LAINE
Auntie Jillaine can be proud we almost have it figured out!

Kenna: Is Miss R---- at your house?
Josh: No, I don't live with her anymore, Sarah and I have our own house
Kenna, excitedly: Oh!! I have my own house too!!

Mommy, eavesdropping on playtime
Brooks: coughs
Kenna: Oh! Brooksie! You have a fever? Yet me see...hmmm...well you gonna die soon anyhows
I'm glad she's not my doctor!

Mommy, putting Kenna in her carseat on our way to Wednesday night service.
Kenna: Oh! My pants are falling down! I can't go to church without my pants!

Playing with Little People toys.
Kenna: Brooksie! You hurt all the people. You go sit in time out until dey're better!
Brooks: Ok, Kenna
He actually went to the kitchen and climbed up on a stool:-)

Jan '09
Seeing police car lights at night, and wanting to see more
Kenna: Ok Mom, lets peel our eyes!

Kenna: But, Mom! I thought you liked Christmas!
After Mommy announced we were taking down the tree today

Dec '08
Brooks and Daddy, watching hockey
Mommy: Ok Brooksie, say good night to Daddy
Brooks: A-night Daddy. A-night hockey. A-night tv.

Kenna, after being served some food she was not particularly fond of: This'a not my lucky day Mom

Kenna & Brooks, looking at the Christmas tree: Oh, you like dat one Brooksie? Dat'sa man and a woman!
Mommy, interrupting: No, Kenna, who is that?
enna: Pig-rum (Pilgrim) Man and Pig-rum Woman!
Correct answer: Grandma and Grandpa Shantz:-)

Mommy: Talking about our friends coming over and being a happy, obedient, sharing girl
Kenna: And I will be kind-less, and I will smile at them, nice-uh-lee!!
I wish I could get some of those nice smiles on camera!

Kenna, looking at a picture: Oh look Mommy it's Jack!
Mommy: Yes, he's sitting with Santa Claus
Kenna: (gasp) aaaaaAHHH, they're getting MARRIED!!!

Brooks: Hold you Mommy, hold you. Hold you, Moooommm, hold you, hold you.
Mommy, fixing things for Daddy's lunch: I'll hold you in a minute Brooks, look what I'm doing

Kenna: Oh! I lost this years ago!
Rejoicing over a toy I found under my bed.

Brooks: Okay Mommy
His little version of Yes Mommy. He's becoming a very obedient little boy, on most days:-)

Daddy: Praying
Kenna, "whispering": Brooks, close your eyes! Mom! Mommy! Brooksie won't close his eyes!
My asking her why she didn't close her eyes went right over her head:-)

Kenna, offering Brooks a magic wand, or a baby rattle: You want to play music Boy? Which you want? Which you want?

Daddy, asking rhetorically: Where's that stupid thing
Kenna, rushing to me: Mommy, have you seen Daddy's 'tupid sing-y sing?

Brooks: It's Bruh-sh
It's how he says his name and can identify himself in pictures.

Mommy: Oh, look at that bus!
Kenna: where? where? I don't see it
Mommy: See, it's like a van and a bus all together
Kenna: ooooOOOOoooh! Weird.

While putting Kenna in her carseat, Brooks still in the cart, trying to stand up
Mommy: Brooksie, no standing.
Kenna, yelling: Brooks! You sit! You want live or die boy? LIVE OR DIE??)

Kenna talking to Brooks, (she was previously freaked out by a hummingbird windchime-thingy in Meghan's room)
Kenna: Look, it's ok boy, see? It's nothing be scared of, it's just a honeybird. Don't worry, see, it's just a honeybird.

Kenna: Oh! It's Ban-aid!!
The cats name was Bandit, but she couldn't keep that straight

Kenna: Ma! Look! It's a bug! I just killed him with my shoe-flop

Brooks: A show-she? Meeemo! Meeemo! (translation: May I watch a show? Nemo! Nemo!)

While eating dinner
Mommy: Brooks, sit down
Everyone cheers, good boy Brooks!
Kenna: Good boy Brooksie! You obey you pair-ris in da Lord!

A conversation we had 8/2/08 while running errands
Mommy: Kenna would you like french fries and a hamburger for lunch?
Kenna: Sure! And, and, you want a coffee?
Mommy: Hmm, we'll see. I have to count my money and see if I have enough
Kenna: Don't worry Mom, I have lots of money

Kenna: It's pur-sect Mom?
She asks me all the time now if everything she does is perfect:-)

Kenna: Ma! I'm eatin' the peel!
This is what she calls an ice cream

Brooks: I lau you!

Kenna: Aaaaaa! (gasping) Oh! My! Goodness! Mom, you cut you hairs! Oooo, it's ado-bo-b0 (adorable)--- It was only a little trim, barely noticeable, but enough to elicit lots of fanfare from Kenna

Brooks has some new words: "Pippy" (Chip[py]), "Beeper" (Diaper), "Nenna" (Kenna), "Oh wow"

Kenna: "Yummm!" rubbing her tummy "This is deli-ci-oso!" (Thank you Dora!)

Mom: Kenna what is your phone number?
Kenna: zero-zero
Mom: no, say 8-5-5
Kenna: no! I no like eight.
Mommy: but you have to say all the numbers or we can't call you
Kenna: nope, I don't. I like zero-zero.
(as of June 9/08 she can say her whole phone number)

Kenna, straw up her nose: Look mom, I'm a dolph-phin!
Mom, thinking she meant walrus not dolphin: You're not a dolphin, you're a kid
Kenna: Nope, my is a dolph-phin

Brooks: "Ashes, Ashes, nah nah DOW!" He has the tune right so we know he's singing Ring Around the Rosie.

Kenna: "Hey Lady! What you doin'?" Said to the man stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart

"Moooooommmm, Mooooooommm! Can you hear me??!" She has discovered putting her ears under water during bath time

Brooks: "Mama", his favourite word to get out of bed!


Kenna: "Stand still and look pretty" singing one of Mommy's new favourite songs...she loves it! Also loves "leave pieces when you go, yah yah yah"

Brooks: "cuh-cuh-cuh" for a cookie!

approx 12/07:
Brooks: "baba" for his bottle

Mommy: "Kenna, listen to my voice"
Kenna: "ok voice"

Kenna: "I'm fine fine fine fine fine!" (oddly, she likes to say a lot of things 5 times)
approx: 12/1/07
Mommy: "Me pretty"
Kenna: "No no no, I pretty"
Apparently baby talk is a thing of the past around here...:-)

approx: 10/1/07
Mommy: "whats gonna work?"
Kenna: "teeeeewerrrk" (teamwork)

Can't remember the other ones I posted...:-/

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  1. I love reading back through these! I totally forgot that they said half this stuff. So glad to have it written down. They crack me up!!