Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Veggie Tales

Here are my cuties finishing lunch, grilled cheese and mushroom soup. I find them very funny eaters...they love green peppers, mushrooms, any type of bean (pinto, kidney etc), basically any and all vegetables (they are addicted to carrots)...but they won't eat chicken nuggets, or any type of meat without forcing it down...I don't ever remember seeing kids like foods these kids like. Kenna just wants to eat salad, or cabbage salad...I know I didn't when I was little. Very strange to me. Also interesting that they like and refuse all the same foods.

Wash me up now!


  1. That IS odd! My guys both love carrots (although Jay inevitable chews them up and spits it out), cucumbers, peppers, broccoli/cauliflower (although I have to encourage a LOT)and celery! Will also LOVES salad (although Jay could take or leave it). However, William will not eat chocolate or cookies very often, so go figure!

  2. So strange...they won't eat peanut butter & honey/jam...or most cookies...they DO pick out any and all chocolate and leave the rest. I don't know. Just weird kids!