Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brooks can count!

We love this little cash register! The key pad is actually a real calculator, and I thought it could last for awhile...right now they just play with it. It's Kenna "job" and "a-puter", eventually they can play store or whatever with it, and it will come in handy for school too - a fun way to learn and count money. I just had lots of visions of it being a toy for all ages when I bought it (in May, Parents brand, at Target), so hopefully it lives up to my expectations.
So far so good, as last night the kids were playing with it and Kenna was doling out her dollars. Brooks had a five dollar bill and looked at it like he was reading and then he counted to TEN! He started at 2 and went all the way to 10 and then threw his hands up and said "Yay!" It was definitely his baby talk, but clear enough that I could tell what he was trying to say, it was just adorable. I thought that was pretty good for 16 months old. I really ought to teach him something...I am usually doing it all with Kenna, so he obviously just picked it up. Think of what he could do with a little instruction. I knew he knew 1-2-3-GO, but the rest of the numbers were a surprise!

Another thing he is good at is the sounds of the letters. We do flashcards at lunchtime and he is actually better at the sounds that the letters make than Kenna is. She is too concerned with what that letter says (milk and mommy and moon and and and) but can never 'be-member' what sounds the letters make. They are both good little learners so far, hopefully it continues on so schooling will be slightly easier for me (we plan to homeschool). We have a lot of fun together!

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