Friday, September 26, 2008

Nor Easter!

Yesterday we were hit with a Nor Easter! The rain was very welcome as it has not rained much lately, and since I water my yard...I like rain. The driving was pretty treacherous at took me 45 mins to drive 7 miles to church for bible study, because of a really bad accident. Around 4:30 I started cooking dinner (thai food!) and at almost 5 exactly, all the power went out, and didn't come back on. We were wondering what was going on and looked out the front window...

One of our neighbours trees had a large limb come down on the power lines and obviously knocked everything out. I called the power company. They said someone would be coming right away. An hour later I called back to check on the status..."Your power will be restored by 11:15" Great! Dinner was half cooked and with no way to finish it, I put it in the fridge to finish later. The kids had a random thrown together dinner of basically all the 'non-cooking' food we had...cheese, canned fruit, veggies (carrots and peppers), cereal, and a cherry pop tart for dessert. I felt so bad for them! They don't like peanut butter & honey/jam, to bad for them, I didn't have anything else to put on the bread. They love kidney beans and Brian thought I should give them some cold from the can, but I just couldn't do that, just a little too gross for me!

Of course by the end of dinner it was pretty much completely dark, so I lit enough candles to light our way. With no hot water, we had to skip the baths and pretty much go straight to bed. It's amazing how quiet the house is with no background noises. Brian and I settled in for a long night of "camping" sort of. I caught up on reading some of my home decor mags. At one point I had the brilliant idea to make pina colada shakes because "we have all the ingredients"...Brian asked how I was going to crush the ice. Good point. It's amazing how 99.9% of the stuff in our house is completely useless without electricity.

Around 8:30 they came out and started working. I was watching them in the window and the candlelit background gave me a weird side profile shadow on the blinds. I commented on how it made me look like Bill Clinton from the side...Brian says, no, that's how you look from the side! Lucky for him there was nothing handy to throw at him. So rude! The power came back on around 9:15, yay. It was a slow night, kinda boring, but we made through.

Sooo I think we really should invest in compiling a hurricance survival kit for next season...just so we know we have stuff on hand that would actually be useful to us in the event of a longer-term power outage.

Here is a picture of the branch, all chopped up and ready for pickup

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