Thursday, June 12, 2008


We had a nice summer supper. Hamburgers, and Brooks' new found love, watermelon. Kenna was not a huge fan of it, but he couldn't get enough. Here he is eating his second piece. Kenna didn't want to eat it, but loved to talk about it (so typical of her), she kept saying "I know my num'mers (numbers) Mom, Xigua, Yam, Zucchini!"...she has a food alphabet book that she loves, and the last page is just as she quoted. Xigua (She-gwah) is the Chinese word for watermelon. As far as the book goes, it must have been the only fruit or vegetable to start with an X, in any language...even if it is a stretch since the Chinese don't even use our alphabet.

Kenna, eating one of her favourites, a pickle slice

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