Monday, June 23, 2008

Landscaping Part 2

In response to a comment on my previous landscaping post: Caralyn, you have obviously never been strawberry or apple picking with me! In later years, I was actually banned from going because of my lack of productivity and keen observance of every bug, slug or toad within a half mile radius. Apparently I was not fast enough (can't touch anything yick), additionally, I really hate dirt on my hands. A plight since childhood, my mom will attest to that. These days it's probably a syndrome with real doctors and medicine too, but oh well.

Side yard view. There used to be shrubbery gone wild where the bags now are. Bag count is now at 125!!

This is a pile of shrubs and clippings Brian has to take to the dump. Too big for bags!

Part of the back yard. Lots to rake up still.

And while that is going on outside, this is going on inside...

It's hard to get an accurate shot because of angle limitations, but it's getting really packed out in there! We are getting down to being able to name things off that need to go down there...1 couch, fridge, stove, desk, tv console stuff, our bed, 1 dresser, kids tv...we are living out of our suitcases since we leave soon for vacation.

Brooks, sleeping tonight (it was dark in there, it's the flash). Their beds are packed up, so they get the floor!! The crib you can see in the corner there, we are lacking the correct size allen key to take it all the way apart, so it'll have to be tomorrow. Today Kenna is looking around her virtually empty room and says "Where's my kitchen?! Where's my kitchen?!" She is very observant as I packed it up 3 days ago! Hopefully tomorrow Brian will get the carpet pulled up in their room, and the linoleum up out of the bathroom. It's literally like moving. It's crazy around here!

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  1. roflol...I just can't believe a Kennedy isn't a productive strawberry picker! Wow, who'da thought your parents raised such a creature!

    Boy you guys have done a lot of work. What's the plan for the kids' room, and why isn't the guest room finished yet (or was the storage area the garage???).