Monday, June 16, 2008

Busch Gardens

Today was our first trip to Busch Gardens. Brian went when he was a child, but none of the rest of us have been, until today. The kids are exhausted but had a blast. I can't even remember what was in what country, but it was all very beautiful. We saw an Irish dancing show in Ireland, and we ate lunch in Germany and there was an Oktoberfest dancing show there, which Kenna loved. She actually started dancing along on the table. Too cute. Sometime we will go back without kids and explore a little more. Right at the end of the day we were in Italy and Brian wanted to stand with Kenna at the bottom of the Pompeii ride...a big boat that makes a huge splash as it passes. He said he wouldn't get wet, but was almost knocked over by the tidal wave! Surprisingly she didn't freak out and actually asked to get splashed again.


Flying a plane in Germany.

Ladybugs! Kenna was excited about them.

A boat ride

Brooks and Mommy

Me and Brooks on an eggshell ferris wheel ride

Wet, and tired after playing in Dragonland with Miss Amy

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