Friday, June 27, 2008

Comment Reply - Den

The storage area where all our stuff is currently is the garage. The den has most of the drywall hung. All but some of the difficult to hang stuff (weird jut-out that hides pipes, in picture)...project was halted when all of Brian's tools were stolen. He was buying things back as needed...he has the tools now, but will wait until the floors in here are done, since there is no trim up so as not to damage the new drywall/or be able to fix anything damaged easily. So! After the kitchen wall is down, the beam is up (load bearing wall), and the floors are done...I will be home...then I will not move the furniture back into the den and mud it/sand it, trim it, and it will be done! Oh and paint it.

The den: drywall is up, except for this part...

Random: Kenna, going someplace on her car.

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