Friday, October 20, 2017

Sea Salt Hair Spray

Sometimes I spend tons of time looking through all kinds of recipes on the internet, for beauty replacement stuff, and cobble together the few ingredients from this one or that that I want to try. Then I make the recipe - and when/if it turns out - I can't ever remember how I made it to do it again because I can never to replicate the exact google search or whatever! So in an effort to remember the things I want to do again, I'm posting them here! ;-) (Publishing recipes I consider "successful" only)

Recently, I've been wearing my hair curly. Mostly because my hair actually is curly, now (thank you pregnancies and hormone changes), and also because Brian has decided he likes is curly, maybe even better than straight. I also decided to try and grow my hair long. On purpose. Not like in the past when I forgot to cut it for 4.5 years and it felt like straw. I want to grow it longer, for real this time. So I'm taking care of it (natural and homemade shampoos, for another post perhaps!), and getting regular trims to keep it feeling great!

So, in an effort to not use as many heat tools on my hair (previously blow dry, then flat iron), I let it air dry, which produces curly hair, but kind of flat. If I scrunch with mouse, it's perfect. But I didn't want all the product in my hair, so enter the beach wave with sea salt spray.

Sea salt can dry your hair out, but there are enough natural conditioners in this recipe that I think it's doing ok for my hair. No noticeable "problem" yet anyway, and I also still use my argan oil and stuff for in my hair too when it's wet.

When it's drying/damp, I spray some of this in my hair all around, and scrunch, and then just let it go. Every once and awhile I'll scrunch/push up my hair as is dries, and that seems to give the volume I want with the beachy wave look I want.

1 C warm water
1 T sea salt
1 t epsom salt
1 T fractionated coconut oil (stays liquid)
1 T aloe vera gel (is a liquid)
essential oils - I do Cedarwood, Rosemary & Lavender - they are good for hair and smell nice.

Mix all together in a spray bottle (I'm using a glass one because I had on hand, but plastic is fine), and shake before using. Enjoy the messy curly beachy look it gives your hair. And if you ever chew on your hair (ew, don't), but if you do - um, just believe me - it tastes pretty my friends tell me anyway;-)

*I found the coconut oil and aloe vera gel on amazon, and I use them for in our After Sun Skin Relief spray (way better feeling than that goopy green aloe gel you can buy, and way better for your body!).

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