Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall, Waiting

It still feels like summer, but I'm ok with that.

We don't get beautiful autumn-orange and brilliant-yellow, and a red that seems to set a spark in your soul. But that's ok too. 

Everybody else has pictures to share of the places they live. Where winter comes long and hard, but is somehow made bearable by the amazing turning of the seasons, and it often makes me wish I could see what they see. 
But then I have to remember - this place is not a mistake. It's not less beautiful. It's not "supposed to be" better, and is somehow merely acceptable and looked-over for something that shines brighter. 

This place was created just as perfectly as a personality by a creative God who has good uses for all of His creations. It is no mistake we are each made with our own "dull spots" that seem to shine with less brilliance than our neighbours. 
Because for every negative that we compare, there's a positive that we don't see rightly. 

And it still feels like summer here. #achievablebeauty

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