Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Little Things

Last night at dinner, while helping himself to some butter, Brian said,

"I like this butter dish. It reminds me of you"

I just started laughing...

"That's so funny, because it reminds me of you!"
We needed a new butter dish this fall - not urgently (hey. small plates work fine), but we were definitely in need of one, since ours got a big crack in it during the renovations/packup/unpack this summer. While browsing Pier 1 for fun, I stumbled across this lil beauty, on clearance. There are few things that catch my eye more than "fun" and "pretty" and "on sale". While not a drastic reduction in price ($9.99 from $12.99), I still just felt like it was calling my name, so I bought it.

I brought it home and, my natural exuberance over the adorable butter dish could not be contained.

"I have to show you what I bought!! It's the best ever!!! Hang on..."

By the levels of excitement, he is led to assume I've purchased a new tv, or car, or pony for the kids. But he should know better by now.

"Look! Isn't it adorable!, and it was even on sale!!!"

He gives it a half heartedly delighted look and says "That won't fit butter"


Yes it will! It's a butter dish, it's made for butter.

Sure enough, he's right. It doesn't fit butter. Butter here comes in half cup "sticks" and this dish lid is drastically too slanted to fit a butter stick. Golly! Who sells butter dishes that don't hold butter?! Now I'm feeling ripped off. Cheated even. $9.99 for a dish that won't hold butter! But it's so pretty and eclectic and goes so perfectly on my table...

I'm currently on the lookout for *the perfect* napkin holder. It's been a long, weary hunt. And given my spacial orientation deficiencies, here's hoping when I do find one, it actually holds napkins without having to origami them into half their size.

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