Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bible Quiz and Winter Retreat 2016

Presenting two members of the winning teams from Colonial Baptist Church, for the Awana Bible Quiz 2016!

Our church participates in the Awana Bible Quiz each year, and Kenna and Brooks were both selected, and were members of a three person team. You compete as a team, and do a written test, multiple choice "paddles" questions, and then the "buzzer" portion where it's every man for himself (you have to buzz in first, and then correctly quote the verse/answer with no mistakes). Brooks was on a team (there were many teams, from our church and other local churches) for the "First Book" and Kenna was on a team for the "Second Book". 

They both won (along with teammates) in their age categories!! (Last year, Kenna and her 2 teammates got 4th place). They were pretty pumped - awesome for one of them to get first place, but for both of them too was really really great!!

During the "buzzer" portion - There were 2 members of each team participating (in each age group, so there were "4 sets" of everything), and then the 3rd team member would sub in/out as needed (if you buzz out in a good way, getting 3 questions right, or in a bad way, getting 3 wrong, or your coach can sub you out for any reason) - This was the "First Book" only up on stage. There were about 16 kids in each of the 4 age/book groups, and so it's hard to buzz in first!

It was a LONG day...from our 7:45 arrival, until it's end at 1pm. Grey and I took a couple breaks - and we had a starbucks together. It was the first time I've ever bought any of my kids a drink from there, and he loved it. Later in the day "Thanks for that hot chocolate, Mom. It was actually one of the best I've ever had". The moment called for a selfie using the photo props at the Starbucks:-)

First through Fourth place winning teams for Book One - Brooks' first place team on the first row

First through Fourth place winning teams for Book Two - Kenna's first place team on the first row. Her teammate (boy beside her) won an individual award for the highest scoring single person in the entire event with an absolutely PERFECT score (so very rare!!)
Brian missed watching it with us, and he was bummed about that - but scheduling conflicts!! We are involved in Youth Group at church, and Brian teaches on Wednesday nights. That weekend was the Winter Retreat, and Brian was teaching a few sessions there...
One of his sessions

Youth Pastor's baby, Zeke.
They were away Friday evening and came home Sunday evening, late. Brian said it was a super great time - he loved it! I hope that next year there is no conflict on the dates, and then I can go to the retreat too!

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