Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

We went again, on what is becoming a yearly tradition, to Great Wolf Lodge. This was our third Feb/Mar to go! With a homeschool discount offered, giving a really steep discount on the rooms, and then by booking the larger rooms (sleeps 8) and sharing the room with friends, you share the cost 50/50, and it makes it a really affordable and super fun little getaway!

This year there were 5 rooms booked, and 9 families that went (That was 18 adults and 15 children). It's a very fun way to do such a busy place, because there are always kids "around" to go do stuff with yours. I mean, I'm all about the water slides, but dodging and bobbing through the lazy river, or climbing up the pirate structure thing? No way. That's why we come with their friends:-)

We left the minute church was over on Sunday and arrived in Williamburg at 1pm and got right to the water park! We stayed over Sunday night, and left around 5pm on Monday evening (you are allowed to stay in the water park until it closes at 8pm on the day you check out). That doesn't sound long, really, but let me assure you, we are exhausted! The kids go go go and never stop, so they are very worn out.
The big play structure, with two slides coming down. Grey loved this!

We didn't tell the kids where we were going - mostly because I can't handle the constant harassment and "counting down the days". Then heaven forbid we got sick or something and couldn't go - there would be NO END to the tears. On Saturday though, I had to shop a bit for foods, and obviously pack, so we told them we were going to visit Gracie and Libby (which was true, they came in from Richmond). They were excited to go visit their friends, but didn't know how just how fun it would be! Our plan was almost foiled when Brian got a call late on Sat to fix something really quick on a jobsite in Yorktown (on the way to Wmsbrg). So he rode up with a friend who had to drive separate and leave for work (couldn't stay over), and made the stop off in Yorktown on the way, so we could get there and checked in right away. The kids were very concerned about how Daddy would make it to Sam & Heather's since we "left him behind". I just told them not to worry about it, haha!

I don't have a water safe camera or phone, so my pictures and videos are limited! I missed most of the cool stuff, of course:-) The Flow-Rider is about the only thing that you can video without getting wet! There was a bit of footage on Sam's underwater camera, but I'll have to see if he can email it to us:-)

Grey watching the guys on the Flow-Rider. Grey braved it this year for the first time, and tried it! He did really well for a minute, but then got caught up and barrel rolled back up over the top and got water up his nose, and didn't want to try again. He said it was fun though, and he'd do it again next year:-)

Brian, Josh and Sam waiting for a chance to show their skills:-)

Sooooo powerful! The lifeguard recognized Brian from last year and was giving him tips and pointers.

My Brooks

Brooks tried this, but was scared of falling off into the 5ft deep waters below, and insisted on a life jacket for this one. My little nervous nelly:-)
Notable memories from this year:

We shared a room with our friends Sam & Heather, who moved to Richmond area 4 years ago, so it was nice to see them again, we miss them!

Playing Reverse Charades at night, once the kids were down. Hilarious fun!

Grey's little personality is emerging more and more - he's such an independent little guy, with a determined quiet way about him. He acts as if he has no need for us at all, and just does his own thing. He had great struggle with the buddy system concept and was always escaping his buddies to go on to the next thing, alone.

One story - he told me he was going to go do a game "over there" (waving vaguely). It was awhile since I'd seen him, so I venture "over there" to find him. He decided to do the lily pad game by self, with no help. He is not tall enough to reach the ropes, so he was just balancing on the first lily pad, trying to figure out how to jump to the next one. The line was building behind him and he was just standing there:-) I asked the lifeguard if I could help him, so I jumped in the water and helped him jump across. It's definitely the "hardest" thing there for kids to do, and it's impossible to do when you are too short, and it blows my mind that he tried to do it all by himself. Crazy kid!

Brooks' nervous nature gets the better of him. Last year he did the biggest and scariest slide, but this year, he wouldn't do it. He said maybe next year:-) He had a blast on the other slides, but loved swimming in the pool, lazy river and Flow-rider.

Kenna is a do-er with no fear. She rode the biggest and scariest of slides alllll day long and with everyone, kids and adults alike. She is by far the most adventurous and fun loving of our three - for this type of fun anyway. At one point she went down the Tornado (the scary one) with Brian and Paul, and Paul was screaming "help me!!!!!" because, well, you have to scream something! It's terrifying! And Brian said she let go, like she was going to help or something?! He was like HOLD ON! I couldn't image letting go for a second on that one!

Brian held little Pilar (14mths) while her parents went off to have fun without babies, and she fell asleep in his arms. I think they both caught a little nap;-) It was so cute! A good time was had by everyone in all 9 families, from all reports. Which means that everyone will want to do it again next year too!! A fun little quick family getaway. Until next year GWL!

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