Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gallery Wall

I've always wanted a Gallery Wall, but never had the courage to do one. It seems intimidating to place SO MANY things on one wall. But I see them online, and I really like them, so in Dec, I decided to make my own in the dining room. I've added to it since then, and it's pretty much completely full now.
One side of the wall
I basically planned it out on the floor and just basically winged it! I used command hooks for all except the center large (heavy) pic, so there are not nail holes all over the wall, and it's easy to reposition something that is not quite right.
The other side

I recently had these little flat canvases in my stash of craft stuff. I didn't have any ideas for them, and then I thought of making Ireland's flag, because of Brian's Irish heritage. Then I realized I had 5 of this size, and we have 5 countries in our heritage, combined. Brian is American & Irish. I am Canadian, German, Scottish and Irish. Naturally, all our "heritage" flags were really easy to paint, and US and Canada were the most difficult! These are the most recent additions to the gallery wall.

Our mantel is HUGE and I also really love it's "hodge-podgy-ness". One side

Other side.

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