Friday, August 23, 2013

Back at it!

Well, our summer is OVER, it's official. We have Sonny & May back now, everyday, starting today! My kids are very excited for their friends to come back and be part of everyday life.

We topped off a crazy week (mostly crazy for Brian) by going to Camp Pendalton (30-ish mins from our house - a military base). Our good friends the Allen's were in town! Sam had training, and Heather and the girls came along for the fun of it! They rented a cabin there, and it was big enough for ALL of us, so we joined them! It was soooo fun, and I didn't manage to take a single picture. BOOO.

Brian took Thursday off work so he could hang out with me and kids (and Heather, and her kids...haha!) He used the day to catch up on sleep, and just do nothing but talk and visit. It was really quite lovely. Although he pulled off a miracle with that hospital job he finished...he was booked back to back for another job - in an occupied space downtown Norfolk in the World Trade Center - so it's a night job. Joys, right?! So he didn't really have a chance to catch up on any lost sleep from the hospital job, so it was really nice that he could a day off to sleep and rest up and hang out. Poor boy!

A funny - he said while he was at the hospital job, and spending the night there working - 2 different days/nights he never came home at all. He caught a few hours sleep each night - once on the floor with his feet against the door so no one could come in, and once on a reclining chair that they use for pregnant ladies  - it's some kind of really comfy chair that leans back so they can relax the mom/baby. I thought that was funny. He said that he just couldn't bring himself to sleep on an exam table with stirrups. HAHA!!

Anyway, now that we have Sonny (3) & May (2 in Oct) back, it's school time too!! It will be another month before we add Ardyn (2) & Alice (will be 3 months) to the mix, since their mom is still on Maternity leave. And then, I will not have them everyday, but only 6 days per month.

Once I have the kinks to our school schedule worked out, I'll post about it, (how, why and if it's working for us:-) - Running a day, including schooling 5 to 7 children, ranging in ages from 7 to infant:-)

I have lots planned and scheduled for this year. It will be our busiest ever, so far, with regards to kids, and school anyway. It will be fun though, and I can't wait to post and share about our progress!

Here are a few pics from today - no school today, we're starting on MONDAY! Yay!! But I have introduced them to a few things that will be part of their daily schedules this year...
It's quiet play time for May-May

Sonny is working on one of his chores - laundry :-)

Busy Book/Quiet Play

This set up is a new arrangement to the boys room this year - it will be necessary space wise for things like quiet/structured play time and also a large "desk" area for when that is needed (for when Kenna or Brooks need a quiet place to concentrate when I'm doing louder school activities with Sonny & Grey)

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