Monday, August 22, 2011

The Capitol Building

We got to have a guided tour of the Capitol Building, and then went over to see the Library of Congress. We really enjoyed it! I was personally not able to concentrate fully, as Grey was acting up and very tired. Of course they allow NO food or drinks, and that is about all that can distract the boy when he gets monstrous.
The Library of Congress. The architecture in DC is beyond gorgeous. What a beautiful city!

The Capitol building

The statue on the top of the dome outside is replicated in the lobby, so you can see him better.

The gorgeous dome. I believe the tour guide said it was 34 feet taller than the statue of liberty (not including the base, just the statue). Wow!!

The domed ceiling of the "whisper room" which used to be the room where the congressmen met, or maybe it was where the senators met? I'm sure it has an official title, but I can't remember it (see how much I learned?!). There were plaques in the floor to mark where the desk were of famous people, like where Lincolns desk was, and another one I noticed, Pierce? I was assuming perhaps he became president too one day, but I have never heard of him. ?? Don't laugh at me all you American history pros!!
A beautiful chandelier!
This was in the crypt, meant for George Washington. He died 20 years before it was done being built though, so it lays empty. The star is the absolute center of the entire city! Our tour guide said that Washington was so popular that he was unanimously voted in by the electoral college, for both terms. And that that will never happen again. A bit of trivia. And don't ask me what the electoral college even IS. I know it's been explained to me more than once, and I still have no idea. Yes folks, I will be homeschooling my children. Watch out.

I will say this, American government, and all it's democratic ideals...while they may be wonderful and fair and full of democracy, are nothing short of absolutely mysterious. Trying to keep track of how the American government works and all its branches and what they do for who, and how and what and why and...?? You've got to be kidding me folks. You've got some complicated history. I'm trying to get a small grasp on it. Not easy for an old mind.
Inside the library of congress. Stunning!
You know me and my quotes!! The library was full of them, I loved it!!

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