Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Baking

The first of the Spring/Easter baking has begun. We have lots of great plans this year, I'll share with you as we go along, for sure. We are on snack duty for Cubbies tomorrow, so I thought these would be fun for the kids...little birds nests (in case you couldn't tell:-). Of course we made a few extra for snack for the kids this morning to test them out. Everyone ate one (but not Sonny, he doesn't like "real food", and not Ardyn, she doesn't like food at all:-), you should'a seen Grey go at those jellybeans! Kenna declared me to be the best mom ever for having such a great snack, and marveled at *how* I could make these without a recipe :-)

I actually like to make these using corn flakes for a more realistic messy birds nest look...but when I did this last year, the kids objected and wouldn't eat them. They really taste the same though, in my opinion. Whatever. I decided to be safe this year, and go with the 'mass appeal', just in case. I certainly hate to waste jellybeans, that's for sure!
The trickiest part is avoiding the temptation to eat them all!