Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Boy!

On Saturday we switched Grey's carseat to forward facing. He's definitely no longer a baby! His trip to church was his first "big boy ride" and he seemed to enjoy it very much!

And now a funny little story from the afternoon we headed out to Costco to get more milk. Along the way I encountered two very terrible drivers. The first one almost caused me to hit them. I said something like "Idiot!"

Then, there was another driver, although not accident-causing, just incredibly annoying. Again,

Me: Idiot! Drive it like you stole it dude. Good Night! Where are all these people coming from?
Kenna: Why do you say that? and simultaneously Brooks: Those are bery bery rude words Mom
Me: Because all these crappy drivers are making me mad. They are going to wreck our car
Kenna: Well, there was this one time, {launches into a very detailed story about the last time she said "crap"}...and then Daddy told me that *we* do *not* say crap.
Me: True, it is not a very polite word, so we really shouldn't say it
Kenna: Is it a swear word? (Note: The only swear word she is aware of at this point is "Oh my g-d")
Me: No, it's not a swear word, it's just not a very polite word
We talked about polite & kind words for a minute, and I said (big mistake)...
Me: Well, it's my job to teach you what are the good words to say
Kenna: Oh! your mom never taught you what are rude words or not? (Because how else would I know them or say them, right?)
Me: uhhh, well, no....she did....I just...
Kenna: You just didn't obey her?
Brooks: When you get to grown up then you can decide to obey

Oh boy. This little "teachable moment" is going downhill, fast. This is a terrible suggestion really, that you can be grown up and then do whatever you want...but I wasn't really seeing any other way OUT of this conversation. So we went with that option, since I have 15 more years to change that little opinion:-)

Me: Sure, but for now you are little and you can't say rude things, because it makes Jesus sad

Saying anything makes Jesus sad is usually a conversation ender. They hate to make Jesus sad.

So guess who can't make Jesus sad by saying Idiot, or Crap anymore. The reputation of my poor mother is even at stake, lol!

I told Brian this story at home (after they were asleep!) And he died laughing, so I thought it was a blog worthy, terrible way to teach your children moment worth sharing:-)

Don't do as I do people, seriously. I'm a cr-ppy Mom. :-D
Loving his new view!
So comfy, he even fell asleep on the way!

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  1. Hahaha! Good job Kenna and Brooks, keep that mom of yours in line:)